Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some Predictions

This is the first year of staggered start times for the NCAA Tourney, which means we don't get four games kicking off at once but instead a constant stream of games - in theory. I'm curious to see how it works.

Here's what I suspect will be some of today's better games. And yes, I AM tempted to just say "All of them." We don't get Gus Johnson today, but we DO get THIS GUY - and who better for announcing on St. Patty's Day? Get 'em, Raftery!
12:15 PM: Clemson vs. West Virginia @ Tampa, FL. Closer to home for Clemson, but they're well travelled, having just beaten UAB in Dayton a few days ago. I just think the Tigers are peaking at the right time. And it's a 12 v. 5. Still, Huggy Bear and Co. won't go down without a fight.

Also early: ODU/Butler, Morehead State/Louisville

2:10 PM: Penn State vs. Temple @ Tuscon, AZ. It's a battle for Pennsylvanian supremacy! Seriously though, I think Talor Battle wants this, bad.

Also in this time area: Princeton/Kentucky, Richmond/Vandy

6:50 PM: UC-Santa Barbara vs. Florida @ Tampa. Don't say I didn't warn you when this turns into an upset bid, even at home. For some stupid reason I can't believe in this Gators team.

Also: Belmont/Wisconsin

9:57 PM: Utah State vs. Kansas State @ Tuscon. GO AGGIES. I have them in the Sweet Sixteen. Frankly, I doubt I'll even remember most of this game, because it's, umm, past my bedtime. And it's frickin' St. Patrick's Day!

Other blackout games: Michigan State/UCLA, Gonzaga/St. John's, Mizzou/Cincinnati.


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    I love GuJo and think he is what March Madness should be. Saying all that, Raftery and Lunqusit is my favorite annoucing team. I think they have great balance, tons of knowledge and always call a great game. No offense to Peon #2 they sit with Gus, they are way better