Thursday, March 17, 2011

The New Format and My Sweet Sixteen Pick

First off, let me say I am loving this new format of having the games on CBS, TBS, TNT, and TruTV. As one game ends you get the next one in the second half. It's AWESOME.

Now, it seems every year you have one team make it the sweet sixteen that is a double digit seed. My pick: Moorehead State. I know the game is already underway, and 3/4ths through the second half, where Moorehead State is down 48-47, but I had them in my brackets going to the Sweet Sixteen.

Finally, my final four:

Kentucky - Of course!

Duke (Didn't really want to pick them but can't see Uconn running the table here, nor can I see SDST and their struggles from behind the arc getting here, and that leaves me with AZ, who I was tempted to pick, but I think they are cocky SOB's. So, my pick is the Uncle Toms.)

Kansas (Toss it between Kansas and Purdue, but had to go with Kansas, although I was tempted to have Illini go, but really they'll be lucky to make it past the first round)

Kansas State (I don't like Pitt, Kansas State has been hot towards the end of the year, and BYU is down a critical player).


Kansas v. Duke


Kansas (although they almost ALWAYS fail me).


  1. Btw, I also nailed Morehead State v. Richmond. Talk about lucky picks.

  2. Yeah you did. I love the picks and the reasoning.

    Kentucky for you is like Kansas for me, i can't help but put them in the final 4

    speaking of Kansas I have kansas as well winning it all.

    Good call on Morehead St. That was a hell of a game. I think Pitno just killed the guy who missed the FT

    Also, holy crap this format is amazing. Clemson vs West Virginia was a blow out, then 4 straight great games that ended every 30 minutes was AWESOME!!!!