Thursday, May 26, 2011

And 1

In case the refs need another reason to blow the wistle on the Bulls, please call me for a "MAKE UP RANDOM FOUL, CAN'T BE ON LEBRON OR WADE" on Wade while shooting a 3.

I thought we got rid of these fixed games

This is why I stopped watching this wothless p.o.s. league.


  1. Father like Son I thought the random foul on Wade was non existent, however if it was a foul then Rose was fouled on his three point attempt as time wound down.

    Sad to blame on Refs but in this case there was gross negligence.

  2. Yeah, don't forget about game 4 where the Heat needed overtime to beat us despite getting 38 free throw shots!

    It would be one thing if the refs had a bad series, but this is the life style of the NBA. Watch some videos on Tim Donaghy. What he has to say about reffing in the NBA and what the NBA does is insane! Consider this, he won around 80% of his bets in Vegas on NBA games based on his knowledge of who the refs were and their personal biases towards the players, coaches, or owners. 80%!