Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bulls Panic Meter is High But I Believe They Will Likely Win Tonight

Why is everyone talking like the Bulls are out of this one? ESPN has already discounted the Bulls. If you ask them its already guaranteed to be a Heat-Mavs finals, even though the series is 2-1. ESPN has determined that the Bulls just can't keep pace with the Heat. I don't buy it. The simple fact to me is that the Bulls have played two very BAD games.

The Bulls have shot a combined 37% in the last two games and still have been right in the games until the very end, despite the Heat shooting around 49% in those very same games. In game 2, the Bulls shot 34%! Had they shot a measly 42% they would have won that game!

WHEN the Bulls start shooting around 44% they will win. And you can run around and say the Bulls are shooting that bad because of the Heat defense, but that's not true. The Heat's D is good, but not that good. The Bulls will more than likely revert back to the norm, just as the Heat will too. Don't be surprised if the Bulls win the next two.

And to go back to ESPN for a moment, does anyone else hate Michael Wilbon aside from me? He tries to act like he's a Chicago fan but he is just some guy who USED to be from the area and has lost any all connections with it, including the sports teams.

Anyways, my predictions for the games:

Game 4: Bulls win 96-86
Game 5: Bulls win 91-84
Game 6: Heat win 101-98 OT
Game 7: Bulls win 94-92

Series: Bulls win 4-3.

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  1. Jeezus that was a painful game... Rose airball at the buzzer probably the defining moment of this series.

    I can still see the Bulls winning one in Chicago and sending it back to South Beach but it's goanna take a miracle to get into the finals now. All of a sudden the Bulls look awfully young next to the experience of the Heat.