Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dwight Howard A Bull?

So, I was stumbling around the internet today (and no, not with stumble upon), when I found multiple references to the Bulls being one of, if not the, front runner to land Dwight Howard this offseason. Essentially, the Bulls would have to trade their first two first round picks this year, a first round pick next year, and two of either Noah, Gibson, Boozer, or Asik, and possibly either Deng or Brewer as well. A lot of the talk has been that it would have to be a package of Noah, Gibson, and Deng with the three first rounders for Howard and either Hedo Turkoglu or Gilbert Arenas. Apparently Orlando is going to want to dump one of those two huge contracts. Either way, it is very conceivable that next years starting Bulls roster looks like this:

PG: Derrick Rose
SG: Gilbert Arenas
SF: Ronnie Brewer
PF: Carlos Boozer
C: Dwight Howard

I'd prefer that if we were giving up three players that we NOT take on Arenas or Hedo, but oh well if you have to. It's a lot to give up, but the guy you are getting may actually be the overall most valuable player in the NBA.


  1. Give up Noah and Deng? Get Howard and Arenas? DO NOT WANT! DO NOT WANT!

  2. That's a lot to give up and to get stuck with Arneas and Turks horrible contracts, that's would stink.

    Please Arneas would be a ball hog, and we all know who we want shooting next year.

  3. I'd trade Howard and Turkoglu for Noah and Deng. Chicago will improve and Turk and Asik will unite (Turkish Power).

  4. I agree with Anonymous. If we could only take on one horrible contract, i'd rather have Turkoglu. He skill set is something he can maintain for the next couple years where as Arenas' are based on his athleticism and is fading quickly.

    I would give away some picks (it's going to be 30 next year) and any player on the team not named Rose to get Howard. We'd have the top 2 MVP vote getters on the same team