Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 NFL Draft: Timeline of Events


Dan and I will be writing every thought we have during this draft down, and it shall live forever.  I hope everyone enjoys the draft.  I know I'm going to have fun writing about it.

6:47 PM: Analysts mention the QB's in the draft.  Is it just me, or does anyone else think there won't be any impact QB's taken this year?

6:49 PM: Rumor has it the Chiefs will take OT Eric Fisher over OT Luke Joeckel.  I disagree with this pick.  I think Joeckel is the most NFL ready tackle in the draft.  How can you pass over a player who has played well in both the Big XII and the SEC?

6:56 PM: Jets rumored to be looking at WR Tavon Austin.  I think they will make this pick, as they have been known to make terrible decisions over the last few years.

7:04 PM: Roger Goodell is booed as he walks onto the stage.  The draft has officially begun.

7:06 PM: Dan and I both agree 10 minutes is just long enough for picks in the First Round.  We don't have all night.

7:16 PM: The Chiefs select Eric Fisher (OT - Central Michigan).  You already know how I feel about this.  They should have went with Joeckel, who has experience playing against Von Miller (on the practice field) and knows Miller's tendencies.  Dan: This is my favorite Central Michigan player to be selected #1 overall.

7:20 PM: In our draft world, the Jacksonville Jaguars have selected to move to LA, and have traded their #2 overall pick for a punter.

7:21 PM: Dan: The Jags should look at Geno Smith in order to become more dynamic on offense

7:24 PM: The Jags take Luke Joeckel (OT - Texas A&M).  Great pick by the Jags.  I feel they could have gone to DE or OLB here to put some pressure on the opposing QB, but they got, in the eyes of most, the best player in the draft.

7:28 PM: Dan: Last year the first 2 picks scored 55 touchdowns.  This year, the first two picks will score zero.  Book it.

7:32 PM: Raiders trade the #3 pick to Miami.  My thought: Miami moves up to take Lane Johnson from Oklahoma.  Good move by Miami and by Oakland.  Dan: 7 trades will be made in Round 1.

7:34 PM: Miami takes Dion Jordan (DE/OLB - Oregon).  Odd decision here by Miami.  I guess they want to put Brady on his back a bit more, but I think they should have tried to replace Jake Long.  Dan is also shocked at this pick.

7:42 PM: Philly takes Lane Johnson (OT - Oklahoma).  Great move by Philly to solidify the offensive line.  Dan and I both agree on this one.  Great decision for the Eagles.

7:46 PM: NFL Draft analysts discussing Legos.  It's time to hire a new crew.

7:50 PM: Barry Sanders announces he will be returning to Detroit.  Then all Lions fans wake up to see Sanders announcing Detroit will take Ezekiel Ansah (DE - BYU).  Bad pick by the Lions in the eyes of myself and Dan.  Very talented athletically, but has very little experience.

7:55 PM: Cleveland selects Barkevious Mingo (DE/OLB - LSU).  Not quite sure how I feel about this.  I believe they should have went with Milliner, but Mingo can make plays rushing the passer. Dan: Still no TD's drafted this year.  Mingo looks like a young Julius Peppers, though.

8:01 PM: Arizona takes Jonathan Cooper (G - North Carolina).  Dan: "Good pick if they want the second best guard."  My thoughts exactly.   Still, Cooper will help block two of the best defensive lines in the NFL in Seattle and San Fran.

8:04 PM: Bills trade #8 pick to the Rams.  2nd trade out of the 7 Dan predicted.

8:09 PM: Rams select Tavon Austin (WR - West Virginia).  I've stated this before.  Tavon is too undersized to be a big impact receiver.  He'll be good returning kicks and punts, though.  Too bad Seattle and San Fran won't be punting.  Dan: "He's a good fit for STL, but I still think he's the second best WR from WV."

8:17 PM: Jets take Dee Milliner (CB - Alabama).  Dan called it.  Milliner looked upset when his name was called, as he should be.  The Jets have a lot of holes to fill before they can compete in the NFL.  Maybe they should spend a couple years in the ACC before getting called back up to the bigs. 

8:26 PM: Titans take Chance Warmack (G - Alabama).  Great pick here.  I think he's going to have the biggest impact out of any offensive lineman in the draft.  He will help plug up holes and block for Chris Johnson.  Roll Tide. 

8:31 PM: Chargers select DJ Fluker (OT - Alabama).  Good pick for San Diego.  They need someone to protect Rivers.  Three consecutive picks from Bama, by the way.  Dan: Eifert would have been a good pick.  They need to replace Gates eventually. 

8:38 PM: Raiders take DJ Hayden (CB - Houston). The Raiders needed to solidify their pass defense, and this will help.  Still they had to reach for him.  In this situation, they should have taken the best guy available, which would be Star.

8:41 PM: This is a true Raiders pick  We learn DJ Hayden will probably be dead by Week 3.  Dan: "Al Davis phoned one in from beyond."

8:44 PM: Dan: If the Jets draft Manti Te'o, the New York media would blow their collective loads.  Also, ESPN would shut down. 

8:46 PM: Jets take Sheldon Richardson (DT - Missouri).  Once again, another team taking the second best player at the position available.  Star is going to be a huge steal wherever he lands. 

8:52 PM: Star Lotulelei (DT - Utah) goes to Carolina.  I love this pick.  He is going to fit in well in Carolina, who needs help on defense.  The health risks are there, but you can't ignore the talent and potential.

8:59 PM: Saints take Kenny Vaccaro (S - Texas).  Good pick for a team that gave up 7,000 yards last year.  This will help them limit the big plays they gave up last season.

9:04 PM: Buffalo Bills select EJ Manuel (QB - Florida State).  The first QB taken this year, and this pick comes as a shocker.  Manuel will do well in my opinion, but he came out of nowhere to be the first QB drafted.  Dan loves this pick.

9:12 PM: Steelers take Jarvis Jones (LB - Georgia).  Jones looks solid on tape, but his combine stats scare me.  It's probably a good pick, but I think Ogletree is better.

9:14 PM: Dallas trades the 18th pick to San Fran, who takes Eric Reid (S - LSU).  No idea why San Fran traded up for this guy.  They could have waited and gotten him at the end of the first round.  This pick helps Dallas more than it helps the Niners.

9:17 PM: Dan and I determine there is a 60% chance the Bears screw up and take Manti Te'o.

9:20 PM: Giants take Justin Pugh (OT - Syracuse).  Safe pick for the G Men.  I'm surprised they didn't go for a LB like Ogletree or Te'o, but this is probably the safer bet.  You can never have too many good lineman. Dan: "I see a ton of holding in this guy's future."

9:28 PM: Bears take Kyle Long (G - Oregon).  Well, Chicago needed a guard, but I think there were three much better picks available.  They could have gone with Floyd, Eifert, or Ogletree and I wouldn't have had a problem.  Very anticlimactic pick from the Bears.

9:34 PM: Bengals take Tyler Eifert (TE - Notre Dame).  The Bengals passing game just got a whole lot better.  Watch out, AFC North.  This kid is special.  Dan: "I think he's overrated, but he will be good for them."

9:36 PM: Rams trade #22 pick to Atlanta.  4th trade so far.  Only 3 to go.

9:40 PM: Falcons take Desmond Trufant (CB - Washington).  Good pick by Atlanta, who needs help at cornerback.  He should help out the Falcons pass defense in a division that includes Drew Brees and Cam Newton.  Dan: "Steve Smith and Vincent Jackson just cursed out loud."

9:45 PM: Vikings take Sharrif Floyd (DT - Florida).  I hate to say it, but this was a great pick by Minnesota.  He is a steal at this spot, and was the best player available.  Dan: "Bad news for Jay Cutler.  Hopefully Kyle Long is prepared to own this guy."

9:51 PM: Colts take Bjoern Werner (DE - Florida State).  This will help them replace Dwight Freeney.  However, there were probably better fits out there for Indy.

9:54 PM: Vikings take Xavier Rhodes (CB - Florida State).  Another solid pick for Minnesota.  They play Rodgers, Stafford, and Cutler twice each per year.  That's 6 games every year against solid QB's.  It's surprising they didn't take a linebacker, but this is still a good pick.

10:01 PM: Packers take  Datone Jones (DE - UCLA).  Good pick here for Green Bay.  He's a solid pass rusher, but is not limited to rushing the passer.  He can also cover a tight end or stop the run.  Dan: Green Bay should have taken a running back.

10:09 PM: Texans select DeAndre Hopkins (WR - Clemson).  Dan: "Fantastic pick."  I couldn't agree more.  The Texans needed someone at receiver not named Andre Johnson and this will help.

10:15 PM: Broncos select Sylvester Williams (DT - North Carolina).  Great pick and likely a steal here for Denver.  He is close in talent to the other 3 defensive tackles that were already picked.  Denver's defense just got a lot better.

10:20 PM: New England trades #29 pick for Minnesota for 4 picks.  Minnesota gave up way too much.

10:25 PM: Tribute to victims of the Boston Marathon and subsequent events.  Sweet Caroline played.  Great moment at the draft, except for some idiot yelling.  Classless move by a person in New York.  I've heard that somewhere before.

10:30 PM: Vikings take Cordarrelle Patterson (WR - Tennessee).  After a couple of solid picks from the Vikings, they really dropped the ball on this one.  I consider Patterson to be a bust, so I'm really happy Minnesota went this direction.  Dan: "It's a bad pick for what they gave up."

10:37 PM: Rams take Alec Ogletree (LB - Georgia).  Great pick by the Rams.  They way I see it, they could have gone with Alec or Eddie Lacy, but they went with the better overall player.  This will help their defense, which was already solid.  Dan: "The Rams got a great player."

10:42 PM: Cowboys select Travis Frederick (C - Wisconsin).  This is a reach for the first round.  Dallas needed a center, but they could have traded back here.

10:44 PM: Ravens take Matt Elam (S - Florida).  They passed on Manti Te'o, which of course is a good move.  Elam can fill in for Ed Reed and has great athleticism.  He started his career as a cornerback, so the pass coverage is good, but he can also hit hard.

Closing Thoughts:  No running backs taken for the first time in 50 years.  Also, Manti Te'o not taken, meaning teams are smarter than they look.  I look forward to the next few rounds tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Are you guys just updating this post over and over again?

    Also what the hell is taking KC so long they've had 8 months

    Also the NY intro Sucked Donkey Balls. NOBODY CARES! GET TO THE DRAFT

  2. Yes we are updating it. No idea what is taking the chiefs so long. And everybody still hates new york. all is right in the world.

  3. Sweet I will be commenting. Ryan will as well as we are watching together. I already lost $1 because Ryan got to pick 1st and correctly guessed Fischer.

  4. Boom, Just made all my Money Back. I love Luke Joeckle.

    Also I completely disagree with Gruden, Blocking for Johnny would not make it more difficult

  5. Here comes Lane Johnson, Big Move

  6. Wow, thought that was Lane coming. Dion Jordan good pick, and I made some money

  7. I guess they need somebody to sack Bradymore than an OT.

  8. "Dan and I will be writing every though we have during this draft down"


  9. Chicago's pick terrifies me. The right pick in my mind is Ogletree. If they take Teo I will be reallllly upset.

  10. I wouldn't mind either. Te'o is good, a little small but good. Watch them take Punter

  11. Kyle Long has good Pedigree. Ummm yeah that's a pick. Not excited but I'm not disapointed.

  12. Thoughts: The radio guys said J. Cooper will be a better guard than Alan Faneca. Apparently he's a hall of famer. I'm personally pretty high on Ziggy Ansah. The mormon church wouldn't have recruited him if he wasn't legit.

    EJ Manuel is the only QB with any upside in this draft. This is not a good thing if you're an NFL team.

    Kyle Long. Welcome to the Bears family, Howie. That's about the only good thing I can think of about that pick.

    Trading up for Reed was stupid as shit.

    I want Margas Hunt so bad today. He's going to be an NFL monster. Serious elite grade monster.

    Fuck Mant'i. He's an EJ Henderson clone but slower. Will play for years at a sub-Pro Bowl but still decent level. Good Not Great.