Thursday, April 25, 2013

PREDICTIONS: Three Steals and Three Busts in the First Round


Before the 2013 NFL Draft starts, I wanted to get my predictions out there in the open.  That way, when I'm right, everyone can see I called it.  Ok, honestly, I just wanted to share my thoughts on players that I think are worth "reaching" for and players I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.  So, here are my Steals and Busts of the First Round.

Dan's picks will also be included, but without commentary.  He will be focusing more on steals and busts overall, rather than just the First Round.


Chance Warmack (G - Alabama) - I think Warmack is the best lineman in the draft.  Even though he isn't a coveted tackle, I think having a stellar guard is just as important as anything.  If you look at the best offensive lines in the NFL, they all have one thing in common - a solid interior.  True, they all have good to great tackles as well, but I think Warmack is a special player who can start immediately at the NFL level and has perennial Pro Bowl talent.  It's not a sexy pick, but the team who drafts him won't be sorry.

Alec Ogletree (LB - Georgia) - This is one guy I'm very interested in, because he could land in Chicago, and I really hope he does.  He is a very rare combination of raw talent and great instincts.  He looks great on film and has great linebacker instincts with safety speed.  He can step in and make an impact right away

Star Lotulelei (DT -Utah) - How far he has fallen in the eyes of some is a shocker.  At one point, he was being discussed as a #1 overall pick.  He definitely has the talent to dominate on the interior of the defensive line, and reminds me a bit of Ndamukong Suh without the behavioral problems.  He simply cannot be blocked.

Dan's Steals:

Steadman Bailey (WR- West Virginia)
Kenjon Barner (RB - Oregon)
Geno Smith (QB - West Virginia)

Notes: I think Dan is a fan of the West Virginia Class of 2013.


Tavon Austin (WR - West Virginia) - While I do agree that his counterpart, Steadman Bailey, will be a solid NFL receiver, I'm not sold on Austin.  He has excellent speed and big play ability, but is really undersized at this point in the draft.  I believe Austin will be more of a slot receiver than a deep ball threat.  This leaves him having to make plays after the catch, which is much tougher to do in the NFL than in college.

Geno Smith (QB - West Virginia) - Let me set the record straight.  I think Smith has excellent potential as a read option QB, and in the right system, he could be very, very good.  However, I don't see him doing that.  He struggled against the tougher competition he faced, especially in conference games.  He was a clear-cut Heisman winner last year, and the the Big XII schedule hit and he fell off the board. Also, his high completion percentage had to do with him throwing a lot of short passes and screen passes.  It's hard to make a living out of doing that.

Jarvis Jones (LB - Georgia) -  I used to love Jarvis Jones. I'm now a huge fan of Georgia's other linebacker, Alec Ogletree (see above), but Jones scares me.  He went into last year as the favorite for SEC Defensive Player of the Year, but seemed to be overshadowed by other players in his conference.  This is really to no fault of his own, he looks good on tape.  However, his doesn't have the physical skill set that I'd like to see at this point in the draft.  Give me Ogletree over Jones, and it's not even close.

Dan's Busts:

Ezekiel Ansah (DE - BYU)
Manti Te'o (LB - Notre Dame)
Montee Ball (RB - Wisconsin)

Notes: I agree wholeheartedly with Dan's busts.  I would also like to add Coradelle Patterson (WR - Tennessee) to my list.  Not enough experience to be ready for the NFL.

Other notes:

Dan believes the Niners should trade up to get a couple of dominant players.  I believe this would be illegal as it would make them unstoppable, meaning a new league would have to be created above the NFL.

Dan also noted tat Eddie Lacy's choice of attire was awful.  Seriously, do people even know they look terrible?

That's all for now.  Thanks for reading and enjoy the draft!


  1. I actually think Ziggy is going to have a nice career. The whole "dont start playing football til you reach the NFL" strategy has worked out so well in the past! Look at... umm.... you know... that one guy. Crap. Okay. Fine. I still think it might work out.

  2. Also putting Montee Ball as a bust is a low blow. I think he'll get at least 4000 career yards in the League. Book it.