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ACSS Combo NFL Mock Draft

Merry Christmas 3!!!!!!!! Ryan and I sat down the past two days and did a mock draft over gchat. Sorry for all the grammer (yes that’s a joke) errors below but I needed to post before this became irrelevant.



me: #1 Kansas City Cheifs Select: Luke Joeckl OT Texas A&M.

I personally love this pick and think he's going to have a great career. He was one of the bigger reason Johnny Manzel won the Hesiman. KC Andy Reid and brought in Alex Smith, so they now can bring in another nice addition to thier offense

Ryan: Yeah, can't go wrong going with the top OT in this heavy OL draft. Plus, they got some made the smart move by trading Brendan Albert to the dolphins, so it is a need.

Jaguars - Geno Smith QB WVU

I don't know if he will be good, but Jacksonville sent their entire front office down to watch this kid play. Plus, they have Blaine Gabbert, which was an insane pick in the first place, so they desparately need a QB

me: Yeah, picking another first round pick on a QB. I don't think any of the QBs in this class are as good as the guys last year. He did throw ball at WVU a ton, but a lot of them were quick routes often behind the line of scrimmge. So I do have questions with him, also wouldn't be suprised if they picked a lineman n either side of the ball

#3 Oakland Raiders Selcet, Shariff Floyd

me: They are replacing everyone on D so i'd be suprised if they didn't take someone from that side of the ball. He played both inside and outside at Florida and was part of one of the best D's in the league NCAA

Ryan: Smart pick from the Raiders. They are trying to get away from that reaching for a guy who excels at the combine and grabbing them several picks way too early mode.
He's perfect for that

#4 - Eagles - Dion Jordan - DE/OLB Oregon

Ryan: The Eagles have shown a lot of interest in Dion Jordan. After last year, they could really use some help rushing the passer as well as just general help defensively. It was a toss up between him and Star, but I wasn't expecting him to fall to 4, so Dion Jordan it is

me: I like that pick, versatile player who can play the rush linebacker that is becoming very popular ithe league

me: I was thinking he would could possible land at the next pick

#5 Detroit Lions Select Eric Fisher OT from Central Michigan.

With Jeff Backus retiring they need a new Tackle. Taking a home state guy worked out for a decade plus last time so that's why I have them takin Fisher over Lane Johnon. Also, he is's #1 prospect

Ryan: Great pick for the Lions. They benefit from the Jaguars picking Dion Jordan. Sucks for the Bears, but oh well. Cant win every battle

#6 - Cleveland Browns - Jarvis Jones UGA OLB

The Browns need linebacker helpand Jarvis Jones is a beast. I know people think he will drop because of his spinal issue, but he played 3 years with the issue. He has been a stud and would go higher if it weren't for that issue. Also, IDK if i said this already but the Browns need LB help

me: I do like Jarvis Jones. He flies around the field and was part of the UGA team that was one play away from winning the SEC and maybe the National Title

#7 The Arizona Cardinals Select Matt Barkley.

I couldn't help myself but i could totally see this team picking another soon to be bust QB from Southern Cal. Honestly, they could go a ton of different directions, with this pick, and i think if Geno is still here they would take him

Ryan: my comments are as follows. LOL the cardinals definitely could do something that stupid

#8 Pick in the draft - Buffalo Bills select Ryan Nassib QB Syracuse –

They've shown a ton of interest in him. They are going to reach. They're GM proved he was dumb

Ryan: and that makes three qbs gone in the top 10 when not one of them, aside from MAYBE geno smith, should be taken int he top 32

me: It's Doug Morone's QB from last year so he's familiar with him. With Fitzpatrick out as QB it makes sense that he would pick them

me: #9 The New York Jets take Darkevious Mingo DE LSU.

He's a crazy good athlete and is one of hte million of LSU defenders who ave left. Ryan likes Def and see im going this way.

Ryan: great
Ryan: great pick for the Jets. He's an athletic freak. Not saying he will pan out, but he has quite the high ceiling. The Jets need a pass rusher and this is the perfect fit

Ryan: 10 - Tennessee Titans - Coradarrelle Patterson - WR – Tennessee

They go with the home town product
he is a big receiver with exceptional speed
and he also has some experience being used in the backfield
which is the way offenses in the NFL are going

me: Pair him up with Jake Locker to make strong combo

Ryan: yup
i think its early for him but hey
he's a bit raw if you ask me
but you don't find 6'4" 4.3 38' vertical everyday

me: #11 San Diego Chargers Select Lane Johnson

I see them going with the best Lineman here if it's Johnson, o Chance Warmack of Jonathon Cooper or Fluker. personally like Johnson thebest of this group and see him as stater from day 1

Ryan: smart choice. Chargers need to improve their online they are looking at LT's and they got a very good LT

12 - Miami Dolphins - Dee Milliner - CB Alabama

Ryan: He's not as dominating as either Patrick Peterson or the other CB from LSU that came out last year that is slipping my mind. That's why he drops this far. Also, because some teams are so QB hungry they'll take a shot on a crappy one. Either way, the Dolphins land Milliner much later than anticipated, and do not have to move up for a guy they were potentially targetin anyways

me: I really like him and think that's a good pick for the Dolphins. I don't actually think he'll be there at 12, but if he is, it's a good pikc

Ryan: yeah
i agree
but hey whats his face fell last year
and the year before that patrick peterson did too

me: #13 the Jet's Select Tavon Austin WR WVU

While i think Star Lotulelei would be who they want to take, taking two DL 5 picks apart is a little much. They need help on offense and he can help them

Ryan: i agree, the Jets are for sure taking Mingo and Austin
they lack the outside threat and need someone to bolster the defense

14 - Panthers - Star Loutelielie DT Utah

The Panthers luck out that probably the best defender in the draft had a heart issue, that maybe a non-issue, at the combine
They are seriously considering Sheldon richardson, but Star is just too good to pass up

me: #15 New Orleans Saints slecect Alec Ogletree

This might be a little hih for Ogetree but I think they go LB with this pick and Jones and Mingo are already off the board

Ryan: interesting. I could see it. Ogletree is an athletic freak
well not freak
but very athletic

16 - St. Louis Rams - Ezekiel Ansah - DE/OLB – BYU

He dropped quite a bit in this draft, but that doesn't surprise me the Rams take him to either improve their LB corps, or their pass rushing. Eitherway, they like the fact that he fell to them and don't hesitate to draft him even though he may not fit their scheme per se

me: wow he fell

me: I think he is a top 10 talent and if they get him here that is a steal. Good pick for the team can help create a pass rush with Chris Long. Also good to have athlete's to stop the read option that San Fran and Seattle will be running

Ryan: much more insightful than my commentary

me: #17 the Pittsburgh Steelers Select Chance Warmack, G Alabama.

Pittsburgh typically drafts the best talent on the board despite what they need, but in this case they get both. They need to protect Big Ben and he's the 1st step to doing it

Ryan: also, the steelers once again land an incredible talent. I think he may be the best guard to come out since Steve Hutchinson

Ryan: Dallas Cowboys - Terron Armstead - OT - Arkansas Pine-Bluff

The Cowboys need OL help and despite conventional wisdom they reach into the second round and grab a guy who destroyed the combine putting up incredible numbers and setting recordsIt may be a reach, but it happens every year with at least a few teams, and he has risen his stock incredibly high
and i honestly think someone is going to reach for this guy based on his athleticism combined with his play against inferior competition. Not that they will be wrong

me: #19 Giants take Justin Pugh OT from Syracuse. I think this might be a reach for them as scout has him ranked #48, but i have heard they are high on him. A lineman who should start and is from just down the road Syracuse

Ryan: with the 20th pick in the NFL Draft the Chicago Bears select: Manti Te'o

Wait what? Why would the Bears do this? Jonathon Cooper is still there. Honestly, I'd pick Cooper over Teo EXCEPT I wanted to tel you this as a surprise. Turns out, I believe Teo is by far the best ILB in the draft. His ability to immediately read and react to plays, and to stay disciplined is heads and tails above the other LBs. Even when he has a poor game, like Alabama, he does a lot to redirect the defense. He was able to meet and win a lot of battles against Warmack and Jones. Additionally, he is by far the best ILB at getting off blocks. His coverage skills can use some work, but otherwise, he does just about everything you could ask for an ILB. He diagnoses trick plays, or misdirection plays almost immediately.
but really, since Jonathan Cooper is still around, Jonathan Cooper

me: wait what?

Ryan: lol, i wanted some way to break it to you that after i watched a few of his games, I think Manti Te'o is REALLY good
but, I didn't realize Jonathan Cooper was on the board

me: i do think he's really good, but i'm a little worried about his size

Ryan: so in the end, the bears go the smart choice
he's like the same size as alec ogletree though
the question is can he bulk up though right?

me: I do think he's really good in coverage, and he is a leader. I do think the combo of his g/f and the overall poor showing of UND in the title game have made his stock drop

Ryan: or is it his size too
dude, rewatch all the defensive plays from that game he is guilty of 1) trying to arm tackle and 2) screws up on one PA fake and is killed for it bc it was at the 5 and led to a td, but that happens to the best players otherwise, I think he does a great job of redirecting plays and his defense absolutely blows everything else

so anyways
back to the draft
the bears select Jonathan Cooper UNC

Ryan: fills a huge need, and some would argue that he is the best G in the game

me: I do like that pick a lot. Bears picked up a tackle in FA so would solidify the line

me: #21 The cincinnati Bengals Select Eric Reid, FS LSU

LSU had an awesome defense and the Bengals are really high on Eric. This would be a good pick to help the Defense

Ryan: Solid pick. Bengals could use some safety help and he fits the mold.

Ryan: #22 St. Louis Rams select DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson.

The Bengals are relally high on this young man and they need WR help after letting Amendola go and having no one else

me: I like that pick. Clemson had a good year last year and he was part of a powerful offesnse

me: #23 the Vikings take Manti Te'o.

As we've discussed he's great in covrage and is leader on Defense. He can instantly help the defense on this playoff team

Ryan: great pick for the vikings. We have thoroughly vetted this conversation and word is the Vikings are trying to move up ahead of the Bears to land teo

#24 - Colts - Kenny Vacarro S Texas

Vacarro drops a bit and they get the guy they never thought they'd have a chance to land Plus they can use help in their secondary although, i dont know if i remember the colts drafting secondary in the first round

me: I like that pick. Despite the fact that Texas had a bad year he still had a really good season. Colts seem to be doing ok on offense and this will be a good help on D

me: #25 The Vikings Select Sylvester Williams DT UNC.

I was thinking of taking him at 23, but grabbed Te'o First. These two picks really solitfy the Vikings Def up the middle

Ryan: that's a really solid pick. These picks really do help solidify the Vikings front 7. Not to mention, Kevin Williams should be a great teammate and make for an unstoppable force between the tackles

#26 Greenbay Packers Select Xavier Rhodes CB FSU

me: I like him a lot

Ryan: They lost Chuck and their defense is terrible. They need more play makers all over the defense, and this just happens to make sense
i know

me: Yeah, they need as much help as they can get on Defense. They are a get to the QB Defense, this will help them become more balanced

me: #27 Texas select Robert Woods. WR USC.

I think they will take the best WR at this point. They need someone to catch passes besides Andre Johnson as he was facing triple team at times last year

Ryan: The Texans have needed a WR opposite Johnson for about a decade. It's about time they finally addressed this issue with a solid selection

28 - Denver Broncos - Desmond Trufant CB Washington

After getting absolutely burned last year in the playoffs, and Champ Bailey being on his last legs, the Broncos select their heir apparent

me: I like Trufant a lot. The Broncos lost to the ravens because of the Secondary. I know it's a team game, but they choked against the ravens

me: #29 the Patriots select Jarm Taylor, CB Boise State.

A three year starter at Boise helps the Patriots on the defensive side of the ball. Honestly I’m guessing Belicik will be trading down

Ryan: yeah i agree about trading down, but solid pick for the patriots whose defense still needs some real work

#30 - Atlanta Falcons - Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame

Holy shit did he drop Tony Gonzalez is for sure retiring next year they can use pass rush help, but they did not expect him to be there. He is an athletic pass catching TE who can also block. And he will learn from the best TE in the game and maybe the best TE ever

me: No, that's the 49ers pick ass

Atlanta will have a strong offense again, and his speed at TE will be utilized better in he dome. I think he is a future pro bowl TE

me: #31 San Francisco select Zach Ertz, Stanford TE. Ertz will stay in the Bay Area and Jim Harbaugh takes a player from his former job. A TE in this offense could make it more lethal then it already is

Ryan: solid pick for the 9ers they lost their backup TE during the offseason and two te sets are becoming a necessary thing in the NFL

#32 - Baltimore Ravens - OT DJ Fluker Alabama
The Ravens want to bolster the right side of their line and are shocked when fluker drops to the last pick int he first round

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