Monday, January 11, 2010

Triva: NCAA QB's who went 4-0 in Bowl Games

Had the Texas Longhorns defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide, Colt McCoy would have become the 2nd quarterback to go 4-0 in Bowl Games. Since they lost, who is the still the only QB to go 4-0 in Bowl Games. Answer in comments on Wed or Thur.


  1. I know, I know!

    (not telling, though.)

  2. Hint: His former RB caught a case of Severe Fumblitis in the NFL this year.

  3. Pat White, QB, West Virginia Mountaineers

    Anyone tell me how many of those wins were in BCS games?

  4. Someone's impatient. 2 Were BCS games, the Fiesta Bowl over Oklahoma and the Sugar Bowl over Georgia. He won the Mienke Car Care Bowl over UNC as a Senior, but I can't think of the other one he won off the top of my head.