Saturday, January 16, 2010

Water Polo All-American Teams Announced

Okay, so I've got a personal stake in this one, but hell, we have shamefully neglected the great Olympic water sport for too long here at the Superstar. (First one to crack a horse joke wins a prize)

Tim Fodor (Illinois) and fellow THE Evanston Township High School alum Alex Negronida (Arizona) were both named to the Collegiate Water Polo Association's All-American Teams today. Alex is on the First Team and Tim made Honorable Mention.

Oh, and the little bro also won Big Ten Most Valuable Player. I'm especially impressed by this because Tim's always been a defensive stopper more than a high-scorer - it's kind of like if Ndamukong Suh had won the Heisman this year, like he deserved.

This one goes out to club athletes around the country that work hard in their sports and make time for social lives and introducing out-of-towners to Illini Inn Mug Clubs. Cheers to you all, and congratulations to the former Wildkits. Somewhere, Coach Lee is very proud.


  1. So not only is he a better drummer, he's a better water polo player then his older brother too. I wonder if he's a better sports blog writer, maybe we should recurit this kid

  2. ...ouch!

    For the record, I dominate on the basketball court.

  3. So Mark are you saying your outside shot has improved? Because my money is on Tim under the hoop.

  4. First off, the host that showed you the mug club is the man...

    Secondly, the chances of tim starting his own blog are as likely as him making it to his 11am class, which this morning, he did not.
    Props to my roomy for the MVP and All American vote, he for sure deserves it. His roommate/life coach/role model worked him well in those practices this season.

    hoosier blow,

    ps- your man Eric Gordon making it in the dunk contest... solid