Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Best TV Sports Themes

Shark was insipired by my best Chicago fight song and wanted to do a poll on the best TV themes, but he's lazy so he left it up to me. Rank your top 5 in the comments

In no particular order

NBA on NBC (Tim reqested this video)

Monday Night Football

Sunday Night Football

NFL on Fox


The Masters

College Basketball on CBS

College Football on CBS

College Football on ABC/ESPN



MLB on Fox




  1. 1. Monday Night Football Theme
    2. NFL on FOX
    3. NFL on NBC
    4. Original NBA on NBC
    5. NFL on CBS
    6. College Football on ESPN
    7. MLB on Fox
    8. NBA on TNT
    9. NHL on ESPN
    10. CBS College Basketball
    11. Sportscenter
    12. College Football on CBS (Sounds like it was made for the early 80's).
    13. MLB on ESPN
    14. The Masters

  2. DUDE, way to go buck wild with the YouTube links. I'm glad you finally figured it out. :)

    I'll rank 'em all tonight.

  3. 1. NBA on NBC
    2. MLB on FOX
    3. MNF
    4. NFL on CBS
    5. NFL on NBC
    6. College Basketball on CBS
    7. College Football on ESPN
    8. NHL on ESPN
    9. The Masters
    10. NFL on FOX
    11. MLB on ESPN
    12. Sportscenter
    13. College Football on CBS
    14. NBA on TNT

  4. Okay, so I'm listening to these in reverse order.

    The old Sportscenter has a kind of cheesy appeal to it.

    MLB on ESPN is marginally worse than MLB on Fox. Neither is very good.

    NHL on ESPN... not awful.

    NBA on TNT is pretty good. It's no Tesh, but it's (intentionally) close.

    College Football on ESPN: Now we're talking! This one reminds me of why I drag myself out of bed on fall mornings. To watch teams that aren't Indiana play in great games. And pray that Pam Ward won't be calling said games.

    CBS College Football: This theme song sucks. Reminds me of terrible mid-90s video games. Yarf.

    CBS College Basketball: I'm drunk! I'm at Yogis! Is Raftery... YES! It's Raftery! 'nuff said. Top five.

    The Masters: "Hello, welcome to your afternoon nap. I'm Jim Nantz..." At this point, I am already deep into dreamland, chasing a turtle down the Pacific jetstream, in midair...

    NFL on CBS: Pretty epic. Goes on for too long. Sounds like there should be slow-motion gladiatorial battles going on though, so bonus points for that.

    NFL on Fox: Aside from the potential for imminent Joe Buck/Aikman, this one is good.

    Sunday Night Football: Douglas MacArthur would enjoy this one. So do I. Old school in a Star Warsy kind of way.

    Monday Night Football: Iconic. Top Five. Then it starts swingin'.

    John Tesh is hilarious.

    Rankings to follow.

  5. So here are my rankings.

    1. Monday Night Football
    2. CBS College Basketball
    3. Tesh and the Mischevious Lead Violinist
    4. ESPN College Football
    5. NFL on CBS
    6. Sunday Night Football

    ...and the WORST:

    The Masters
    CBS College Football
    MLB on ESPN