Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sparty Saves Noffke

Going into the last two games of the elite 8, it was looking like I could go 0 for my NCAA predictions this year. My pre-season predictions were looking to go 0-4 and my statistical analysis of how to pick a Final Four was looking to completely miss for only the second time since the field expanded to 64 teams (1986 was the first and only miss). Then Raymond Morgan hit the game winning free throw with 1.8 seconds left and saved Steve’s season. Michigan State returns to the final four, proving once again, that my statistical analysis of the NCAA tournament is correct! Yes I know, two teams from one conference did not make it, and the four school’s that belonged to the two conference’s that had multiple teams left (Big XII and SEC) in the Elite Eight all lost. So if you were betting on them in Vegas, I apologize, but as I said before, past results do not guarantee future success.

Time for a quick review of my pre-season Final Four predictions


Kansas was one of the best two teams all year. They ran into a very good Northern Iowa team and couldn’t outlast my nominee for watermelon balls of the year Ali Farokhmanesh. I still stand by this choice.

Michigan State

Saved my season by returning to the final four where they fell to hometown sweetheart Butler


Was one of the last 6 teams without a loss and was really starting to play well until Rubbie Hummell blew out his knee. Still had a good tournament showing, but didn’t have the man power to beat eventual champion Duke.


Hey, they made the Tournament!

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  1. I think I told you at the start of the season that Jordan Crawford would average around twenty a game and X would go deep in the tourney... Anyway, I'm claiming victory there.