Monday, April 12, 2010

Santonio Holmes to the Jets

So, following Santonio Holmes' recent character issues, which have resulted in a 4 game suspension, he was traded to the Jets for a fifth round pick. Apparently, this was NOT some secret meeting between the Jets and Steelers that escalated quickly. According to PFT, every team in the league was contacted and the Steelers were about to cut him. This brings me to my point: Santonio Holmes is coming off of a 79 catch 1,250 yard season, and the Bears receivers were very unimpressive last year. How is it that the Bears did not give up their 5th round pick for Santonio Holmes? The chances of landing that good of a player in the 5th round are slim to none. Not to mention, they'd have to develop. Santonio is young and fully developed. It really doesn't make sense to me.


  1. I think it's probably a system thing. If we wouldn't bring in Torry Holt, why would we go after a guy with character concerns, which Angelo and Lovie HATE ?

    I see Santonio as more of a vertical threat, which we already have in Hester and Knox. Pretty sure the Bears are rollin' with what's there, right now.

    Sure would like to see a Holt signing if training camp outs these guys as subpar.

    Still, for a fifth rounder, Santonio is a huge steal. Does NYJ now have the best receiving corps in football?

  2. I think with a history of benson and tank we dont want another character issue on the team. My vote for the best WR core in football is Baltimore.

  3. NYJ might have the best WR core if Edwards knew how to catch a ball.

    I agree with Ryan, a 5th round pick for this guy, I'd do it in a heartbeat even if the Bears are strapped for draft picks