Monday, April 12, 2010

Pisa Tinoisamoa Resigns with Bears

So, according to the Bears have resigned Pisa to a one year deal. I think this is a good thing seeing as how in the 1 quarter we got to see him, Pisa did look great. Lets just hope the injury bug stays away this year. We certainly have the best LB corp in the league now, at least in my opinion.


  1. I sense sarcasm...

    You guys know me, I root for the Northwestern guy. I love Nick Roach.

    By the way, it's pretty impressive how Briggs has been stepping up into the vocal leadership void for the Bears. He's definitely a lot more fun that Mr. Surly, Brian Urlacher.

  2. I believe that Tinoisamoa is the future of the bears linebackers. I foresee a breakout season for him this year.

  3. Tinoisamoa is way better then Nick Roach. Don't get me wrong Fodor, I like Roach and gotta love NU grads and all, but it's not even close.

    I agree, if they can stay healthy, the Beas have argueably the best LB in the game