Sunday, April 11, 2010

White Sox Are 1-4: Are You Worried?

I think we all knew going into the season that this Sox team would be defined by excellent starting pitching. Sure enough, every member of the starting five, except Jake Peavy, turned in a more-than-solid effort in their first trip out.

Floyd, Danks, and Garcia all had quality starts, yet lost because, apparently, nobody but Paul Konerko in this lineup can hit in the clutch. Buehrle was a monster on Opening Day, but is getting lit up by the Twins in his second start today.

Juan Pierre hasn't been able to get anything going from the leadoff spot (he's well under the Mendoza Line), and nobody towards the bottom of the order (Alexei, AJ, Teahen, "DH" Kotsay) has been able to make contact either.

I know it's early to freak out about this, and offense often doesn't get going until it warms up a bit anyway, but are the White Sox in trouble? The Twins look awfully good, and the Tigers, Indians, and Royals won't be terrible this year either. Will this lack of scoring punch continue? If it does, no good will come of this season.

Personally, I think the Sox need to find somebody other than Kotsay for the DH spot. You know, somebody that can hit the ball. Why did we get rid of Thome, again?

Some other issues - I'm starting to think that Matt Thornton may end up taking Bobby Jenks' closing role. So far he has struck out six of the eleven batters he has faced, while Bobby hasn't notched a save in two appearances.

Carlos Quentin is actually hitting pretty well (OPS over 1.00). It's too bad Beckham and Pierre haven't managed to get on base in front of him at all.

The Mark Teahen Watch - so far he is hitting .091, while Chris Getz and Josh Fields, who we traded to get him from Kansas City, are contributing for the Royals (well, Fields is on the DL - but he looked good in spring training!). Bad trade? I thought so at the time. It's too early to tell, though.


  1. Pitching and Defense are keys for the Sox. Hopefully the bats will warm up with the weather, but i still feel good about a 1st place AL Central finish for the White Sox. How long until Beckam is back at 3rd?

  2. I am more frustrated than concerned. I seen a bit of each game and feel the pitching is better than last year and should be fine (minus Burehle on Sunday). Not hitting with men on bases is my concern, basic baseball gogo Soxs. Also my out outfielders need to play the ball better.

  3. In retrospect, I can totally believe that Buehrls settled down to go eight solid last night. Classic number 56 - that's why he's already a White Sox HOFer, even if he's not destined for Cooperstown.

    Andruw Jones got his first clutch hit of the season, I was happy to see that. If he's a clutch PH, it might be helpful to have him for the DH shot, not to mention in big situations.

  4. REVERSE JINX - Worked on everybody but Peavy, dammit.