Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ACSS World Cup Standings

These are the standings after Groups A, B, C and D have finished play. Start drawing up your sceanrios to see how you can win.

Steve 18
Dave 15
Colin 14
Dan 13
Derek 13
Mark 13
Tim 12
Ryan 11

Dave Weir 15
Brazil 6
Greece 3
Paraguay 4
New Zealand 2

Mark Fodor 13
Spain 3
Uruguay 7
Denmark 3
North Korea 0

Derek Wilson 13
Italy 2
Mexico 4
Chile 6
Algeria 1

Ryan Parrent 11
Netherlands 6
Ivory Coast 1
Ghana 4
Honduras 0

Colin Newman/O'Shea 14
Argentina 9
Cameroon 0
Slovakia 1
South Africa 4

Steve Noffke 18
Germany 6
United States 5
Switzerland 3
South Korea 4

Tim Transon 12
Portugal 4
Serbia 3
Nigeria 1
Slovenia 4

Dan Noffke 13
England 5
France 1
Japan 3
Austrailia 4


  1. Dan, I agree, most dysfunctional team ever, and to think, I was upset when you drafted them. Atleast Ireland is happy

  2. Looks simple for me. Spain beats Chile, Denmark beats Japan, I win? A North Korean tie would be icing on the cake.

  3. how is the second round going to work?

  4. That is an excellent question. I think Steve has in mind that the winner of the whole thing wins. I'd rather do a setup with 1pt for first round win, 2pt for second round win, 3pt for third round win, 4pt for championship, so that more people have a shot. Thoughts?

  5. I like the idea of having a tiered point system better than winner take all. Also are we re-drafting for the round of 16?

  6. My Biggest problem with repicking is it will all be based on where everyone picks. If everyone protects one team, how is it going to be fair to whoever picks #8 and gets stuck with South Korea? Also I know I drafted the way I did based on no re drafting

  7. We don't have to repick, but I do think we should score it 1/2/3/4 by round.

  8. So based on what I am hearing I am stuck with only england in the next round? I drafted based on another draft so ok i guess but if there is no redraft then its gotta be winner take all.