Saturday, June 26, 2010

Should the White Sox Play in the National League?

The White Sox are in the middle of a ten game win streak (and 14 of the last 15), which is the longest the franchise has had since the 70s. A bunch of people I have talked to are really excited about this, but I am a little more skeptical.

Why am I so skeptical? Of the last 15 games, 13 have been played against the National League including every one of the past 10 wins. It's not that the wins haven't been impressive, the White Sox did win the game when they played against phenom Strausburg, and the Tigers and Twins haven't been able to beat similar competition.

It's just something about the White Sox, they always play well against the National League. That is why I am proposing the White Sox move to the National League.

Before I delve too much into this, I am aware that when the Diamondbacks and Rays joined the league, the move to the NL Central that was proposed to the Kansas City Royals and Milwaukee Brewers never reached the White Sox. I am also aware that MLB isn't going to come down from their offices and tell the Pirates that they are switching leagues, as proposed by Tom Verducci earlier this year. I just want to show how well the White Sox play against the National League.

First off, let's take a look at the 2010 team. The White Sox are 6 games under .500 against the American League and 11 games over .500 (13-2) against the National League. The White Sox are 127 and 101 all time against the National League, which is good enough for third place all time.

Now let's look at the team.

Ozzie learned how to manage coming up in the National League while coaching for the Florida Marlins. It has often been said that Ozzie ball, aka small ball, belongs more in the National League then the American League.

Mark Buehrle just set the record for interleague wins at 22 with his victory over the Pirates. Freddy Garcia is third in wins and also ERA.

Three of the top four HR leaders in interleague play have played for the White Sox:

Thome 57
Griffey Jr 55
Delgado 50
Konerko 48

Paulie Konerko is also the active leader in interleague HR against a single team with 15 against the Cubs.

Jake Peavy is a former National League Cy Young Winner. Juan Pierre has played in 3 All-Star games for the NL.

Lastly, numerous White Sox players have grown up or played in the National League (Paul Konerko, Carlos Quentin, Juan Pierre, Jake Peavy, AJ Pierzynski...).

This team would thrive in the National League and would be winning pennants year in and year out.


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  1. Man, I would really like to believe that this Sox run (and we beat the Flubs again today!) is due to the team finally coming together and starting to believe in each other and gel. I think, to some extent, this has gotta be the case when you're on fire like the Sox are!

    But you look at the teams we've beaten, and it don't look good.

    During this streak...
    we are 4-1 against the Cubs, who suck.
    we swept the Braves, who are probably the best team in the NL ("that's like being the smartest kid with Downs syndrome!").
    we beat Pittsburgh, but two out of three were close, and it's the Pirates.
    we swept Washington, who as you mentioned have Strausburg but a weak sauce offense.

    Bottom line? I think this team is pretty good. I think this streak is giving them a ton of momentum. But I'm holding out judgement 'til the next four series are over (@KC, @TEX, LAA, KC). If we stay hot, imma start getting excited.

    Really well done article by the way. Especially for a drunk guy.