Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Being that I played tennis during high school I really enjoy watching tennis. After watching the US lock up their group in world cup play I flipped over to Wimbledon only to find the most epic match I have ever seen on. Currently Isner and Mahut are in the 5th set tied at 37 games a piece. This may not mean much so let me put it in perspective. If I went out and won in strait sets 6-2 6-2 6-2 that would only be 24 games. The match now officially is the longest match of all time (currently 4.25 hours) longest match of all time (number of games), Isner has tied the record for aces in a game (78) and they have combined to have the most aces in a match (~138ish)note the old combined aces record was about 84. Easily the best tennis match I have ever watched. Its too bad that whoever wins will be too tired to win their next match.


  1. Still not over. 55-54. Holy crap. They break for crumpets and tea at 5, right?

  2. 59-59 second time they called for darkness. I turned it on at noon and watch 3.5 hours of it. Just nuts

  3. I watched until I had to go to work and I plan on watching some more tomorrow. Can't wait to see somebody win this.