Thursday, June 24, 2010

ACSS World Cup Standings

This are the standings after Groups A,B,C,D & F have finished play. Things are getting really tight. Five guys still have a shot to win with some big games coming up.

Also, Dan and Fodor have made some proposals in the comments. In the previous entry. Please everyone let me know your thoughts. Here's what i'm gathering so far.




Doesn't Care

Winner Take All


Dan (assuming he can't repick)

Doesn't Care

So, we need to do some politicing to figure out what we want to do.

Steve 18
Dave 17
Colin 17
Dan 13
Derek 13
Mark 13
Tim 12
Ryan 11

Dave Weir 17
Brazil 6
Greece 3
Paraguay 5
New Zealand 3

Mark Fodor 13
Spain 3
Uruguay 7
Denmark 3
North Korea 0

Derek Wilson 13
Italy 2
Mexico 4
Chile 6
Algeria 1

Ryan Parrent 11
Netherlands 6
Ivory Coast 1
Ghana 4
Honduras 0

Colin Newman/O'Shea 17
Argentina 9
Cameroon 0
Slovakia 4
South Africa 4

Steve Noffke 18
Germany 6
United States 5
Switzerland 3
South Korea 4

Tim Transon 12
Portugal 4
Serbia 3
Nigeria 1
Slovenia 4

Dan Noffke 13
England 5
France 1
Japan 3
Austrailia 4


  1. I understand the want to redraft, especially if you have only one team left like Tim (Japan wins and moves on for Dan).

    If we do redraft we need to figure out a few things.

    1 Order? How do we determine it, cause like i said, who ever picks 8 is screwed

    2 When? When are we going to make these picks, Group G and H finish play tomorrow and elimination round starts Saturday. That'd be a tight turnaround.

    Lastly, it's also tough decideing on rules into the draft cuase people's opinion can be based on how they are doing.

    Let me know your thoughts

  2. I honestly don't mind not redrafting - of course, I already have Uruguay in with Spain and Denmark looking like strong possibilities. The complications outweigh the benefits.

    What I STRONGLY object to is the 'winner take all' which basically means none of the bracket games will matter except for the final. We all know it's a 95% chance that either Brazil, Spain, or Argentina wins this thing. Why not do something to make all the games count in the elimination rounds??

    1/2/3/4 pts seems like common sense to me.

  3. Points are a problem for someone with only one team that made it through like Tim and potentially Dan, assuming Japan blows the 1-0 lead. Their only hope to win is for thier team to win and that someone with 2,3 or possibly 4 teams doesn't outscore them. Just get behind your team.

    Yes we knew that there were levels of teams

    Favorites: Spain & Brazil

    Good Chance of Winning it all: Argentina & Netherlands

    and Contenders: England, Germany, Italy, France and Portugal. Yes France and Italy completely blew up, but going in, they were all thought of as having a chance to win it all.

    Everybody, outside of Derek, still has a conteder left meaning everyone has a shot to win. If we go points, Tim or anybody else who only gets one through has almost an even worse shot of winning the money.

  4. I just hope Spain doesn't come out and crap all over me tomorrow. Rooting for Uruguay all the way is not how I imagined this pool ending.