Monday, June 21, 2010

Rick Reilly Tries to be Funny About Soccer

I am joining fodor in the Rick Rielly is an idiot posts. His most recent post about how to fix the World Cup is so dumb it can't even be considered an attempt at humor.

Three of his 10 points are about the vuvuzelas. I have heard of one, and only one, person who is not in the media complain about these things. It's what they do, it doesn't take away from the game so who cares? We know Rick hasn't watched any games so he is jumping on the bandwagon here.

He doesn't like stoppage time. He claims we have no idea when the game is going to end. Actually rick, there's a nice little number next to the clock that shows how much extra time is playing. The other advantage of stoppage time is the ref won't end a game when one team is on the attack. No we won't get your dramatic 3-2-1 buzzer beater, but we can get a full 30 seconds of a good attack that leads to a goal which is just as dramatic and exciting. Oh and guess what, if this does happen, the game would end on that "last second" shot.

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  1. thank you for backing me up. Reilly is really awful. I actually avoided reading that article despite it being prominently featured for a week and a half on ESPN's front page... was pretty proud of myself!