Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Reason To Watch The CFL

Hey, remember Marcus Thigpen? He was awesome returning kicks for Indiana, and spent some time in various NFL training camps, but never really got a chance to play in the States.

Well, now he's starring for the Hamilton TigerCats of the Canadian Football League. Conveniently enough, ESPN3 (The Ocho) plays TigerCats games. You can watch their most recent one here.

From the Montreal Gazette:

In Hamilton's first two games, he scored on a kickoff, punt return, a missed field-goal return and pass. He's attempting to become the first player in league history to score five ways in a season. He needs only a rushing touchdown, which seems virtually certain, now that he's being used occasionally at running back.

This is awesome. Hopefully Marcus gets a shot back here in the NFL. Somebody (cough COLTS cough) can always use a good returner, right?


  1. Don't the Colts already have a good returner in another IU Alum Courtney Roby?

    I remeber watching the third place World Cup game at Yogis and turning to the CFL screen and yell in suprise as we see Marcus Thigpen's name on the board.

    I liked the guy a lot even if he was a little small for RB. After he got that pre-season All American kick returner status, nobody kicked to him and that ended any of his good returns.

    Sadly, Tracy Porter only returned punts for some reason, having those two back to return kicks would have been amazing.

  2. Actually, the Colts ended up cutting Roby, at which point he went to the Saints and won a championship ring.

    Porter was my favorite player on that team, with James Hardy a close second. I mean IU 2007, not the Saints.