Thursday, August 5, 2010

Top Chef Power Rankings (08/03/10)

This was an interesting week. Lots of chefs were cooking out of their element. Only 3 of the 9 had any experience with Ethiopian food, and apparently only Angelo had any real experience. Then after the quickfire, a few judges did not get a good draw and had to cook more dishes they weren't experienced with. I thought the guest judge summed it up the best, I am summarizing what he said, "Just cause you are a good chef, doesn't mean you have traveled the world."

I felt kind of bad for Stephen, since he had last draw. Saying that, he has been on the bottom numerous times and he apparently butchered so I can't blame the judges for sending him packing.

Next week is my favorite episode, RESTAURANT WARS!

Top Shelf

1. Angelo Sosa

Angelo just barely hangs onto the top spot. Angelo continues to thrive in quickfires, and do good, but not finishing in the top, on the quickfires. Angelo hasn't finished on the top since week 3, so he better watch out or Kelly will pass him by.

2. Kelly Liken

I really was tempted to have herfinally unseated Angelo in the competition, but she just short. If Angelo doesn't finish in top of the quickfire I would have moved her to the top. Also her bottom finish last week did not help her either. Her dish was a huge hit with the judges, so much so, that I thought she was actually going to win. Another top finish and a medicore Angelo finish, and she's number 1.

3. Tiffany Derry

Tiffany swept the show for her first wins of the season. She has been risen into the top three. She is the only chef who has not been in the bottom (technically Angelo to, but he had immunity for the losing team). I think she is really starting to shine and could surprise some people.

4. Kenny Gilbert

Kenny continues to talk a big game, but finishing in the middle. I still think he is one of the top 4 chefs in the competition, but stop talking and start putting up stats. I think his biggest problem is he always tries to do too much. Every quickfire it seems like he's doing something two or three ways. He needs to focus on one piece and make that the best he can.

Best of the rest

I really think there is a distinct line between the top 4 and the next 4. I could see Ed sneaking into the top 4, but really, no one else.

5. Ed Cotton

Ed was still a little upset about the pea puree and did alright in the quickfire. He did not rise to the occasion on the elimination challenge. I think his dish might have been overall worse then Stephen's, but his better track record kept him alive.

Could go either way

6. Kevin Sbraga

Kevin still can't shake the title. He even said it last night that he has been on the top 4 times (with 1 win) and on the bottom three times. That's really crazy if you think about it, he's talked to the judges all but 1 episode this season. Kevin did very well for his first attempt at Indian inspired cuisine finishing in the top. When he picked India 6th and then said he never cooked Indian food, i as worried for him.

Back of the pack

7. Alex Reznik

As most of you know, I have defended Alex most this season. I am not sure if he stole the pea puree or not, but I think it's time for him to go. He's had a good season with a win and a couple top finishes. He was so thrilled to get Spain, but he fell flat on his face. He does seem like a spaz in the kitchen, which is never a good thing for the show. I think him and Ed not getting a long could keep him around longer, but, there's only 8 people left.

Chopping Block

8.Amanda Baumgarten

She is the lone member of the chopping block this week. I was tempted to have two on the chopping block given that Amanda could end up on the winning team of restaurant wars, but no one else truly seemed to warrant it. Maybe she's not as bad as I think,but I feel like she is the bottom of the group


  1. I think it's crazy not to have Alex on the bottom. Everybody hates that dude. And he clearly stole that pea puree, I'm sorry, it was just obvious that he did it.

    I can't wait for that scruzzball to go home. And by the way, I think Kelly is looking more and more vulnerable to the pressure, while Tiffany is looking like a tremendous dark horse. My new top four for the finals?

    1. Angelo
    2. Tiffany
    3. Kenny
    4. Kevin

    Yeah, that's right. Kevin over Kelly. Book it. Dude has mad character and you can tell they love interviewing him, plus he handles the pressure so well.

  2. I think what happened was Angelo and Kenny came out with so much testosterone and competitive spirit that the rest of the cooks sort of fell victim to that pressure early on. As a result, they won a few rounds, adding even more doubt in the other chef's minds. I think that since then, they started cooking their food, and Angelo and Kenny are starting to fall in line. I don't think either is going to be the top chef this season. My rankings:

    1. Tiffany
    2. Angelo
    3. Kelly
    4. Kenny
    5. Kevin
    6. Ed
    7. Alex
    8. Amanda

    It is obvious that Alex stole the pea puree. Also, is it just me or does Amanda NEVER know what she is going to do? She is sloppy, disorganized, and worst of all, she has the herpes.

  3. I agree with Ryan, Kenny and Angelo have either fallen back to the pack, or more likely, the other Chefs have realized, they are just as good as them.

    I think we have a clear top 4 heading into resteraunt wars.

    Amanda and Alex never have an idea of what they are doing, are always frantically running around the kitchen. Watching them be on the same team this week could be funny, though I would feel bad for the other 2 teammates.

    And yes Fodor, we all know you still got the hots for Amanda despite the Herp

  4. Dirtiest thing this season: Angelo, who admitted to crabs, chasing after 10-years younger Tamesha? Alex saying he'd spend his 20 grand, if he won a quickfire, on "hookers and and an eight-ball" ? Or Amanda's 'confessional' shot with a hint o' herp (maybe it's just a zit, guys.) ?

    I'm leaning towards Alex.