Monday, August 2, 2010

This is the Worst Article I've Read in a Long Time

So I clicked on the link to this article expecting to find a fun read ranking the best sports months of the year. I couldn't even get half way through it before I had to write about it. I almost didn't want to link it because it gives him extra hits.

After getting to #5 worst month (October) I was so fed up I scrolled down to see what was number 1. Any guesses? February!?!?!? the month universally regaurded as the worst month of the sports year. It's ranked #1 soley because of the Super Bowl. yeah the event is great but everything else sucks. MLB and NFL are done, NBA, College Hoops and NHL are in full mid-season cruise control with no real care. The Daytona 500 is fun, but that it. 2 days does not make a great month.

Back to October, the reason he ranks it so low is because the World Series has featured "Phillies, Rays, Rockies, Astros and Cardinals. Those clubs just don't make the nation tune in." Umm What? First off, the nation loves the Cardinals and Phillies. Secondly, WHO CARES WHAT TEAMS HAVE BEEN IN RECENTLY!?!?!?! That shouldn't effect a months status.

I'll prob do my own power rankings soon, but this is crap and more crap.

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  1. New title for article "Ranking the Sports Months: By Somebody Who Never Watches Sports"

    Seriously, weighting major tennis events over major basketball/football/baseball events? No mention of the drafts? Early college basketball DOESN"T MATTER?!?!?!