Wednesday, August 4, 2010

White Sox on ESPN tonight

The only reason I am making note of this is because of what ESPN normally shows. If you turn on ESPN to watch a baseball game, 98% of the time (completely made up stat) the game will feature one or both of these teams; Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Phillies, Dodgers, Cubs. Maybe you hadn't noticed but those six teams get more air time then any other team. I know ESPN is in the business of making money and those six teams move the ratings needle which means more money for Disney. That's why I think it's good tonight to see an important game played between two teams that weren't mentioned before.

Anyway, go White Sox and good luck to Edwin Jackson in his White Sox Debut

1 comment:

  1. Edwin Jackson against his former team, and against Armando Galarraga, is an interesting set up.

    AG had the one-hitter/shoulda-been perfect game earlier this year, while Jackson threw a no-no with eight walks against Tampa Bay.

    The way Detroit has been slumping lately, this would be a big win for the Sox. I'd like to see Juan Pierre connect again!