Monday, February 2, 2009

Bring Back Bobby

There have been rumors (STORY) that Bob Knight has said he would be interested in taking the head coaching job at Georgia. From Georgia’s standpoint I can’t see why they wouldn’t want to go through with this. Knight is a big name coach whose mere presence on the sidelines will attract more attention and the fans would be sure to follow. He has won everywhere he’s been (Army, Indiana, Texas Tech); and most importantly he graduates players. He does come with his share of issues, like throwing a chair or hitting a player under the chin.

As for the SEC it would be great for the conference. It brings a big name coach to a conference that has struggled mightily this year, including multiple weeks with 0 teams ranked in the Top 25.

I could see UGA getting a little impatient with Bobby Knight though. Bobby Knight wants a certain type of player to fill his roles. He is a very team oriented coach and doesn’t like a lot of Me first guys. He also doesn’t land many top 'one and done' freshman. So even though he might get more out of their current players, it could take him a few years to get the program set up to how he likes it.

As for the move for Bob Knight. I don’t think he will mind coaching at a football school in the most intense college football conference in America. I am just surprised that he would be going to the south. From what I’ve read and heard, he wanted to return to some school in the Midwest. That is where he played (Ohio State) and where he won three of his titles (Indiana). I guess I thought that after his Texas Tech experience he would come back to the Midwest (Not with the Big Ten, Commish Delaney stopped him from coaching Ohio St after being let go from Indiana, I bet he would stop any school from trying to get him).

I also think he enjoys being an announcer. I am pretty sure that ESPN lets him do whatever he wants. Watch game day some time. The four other guys will be in shirt and tie (with matching highlighter for Digger) while Bobby sits there in a windbreaker or a sweater vest. But a discussion on GameDay is another article for another day.

I do wish Bobby the best whether he chooses to stay as an announcer or goes on to coach UGA and I am sure he will thrive, as he always has, at whatever he chooses.

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