Sunday, February 1, 2009

Merry Super Sunday

Merry Super Sunday everybody.

So I didn’t have very much time to write this a Super Bowl Preview with planning my own Super Bowl party among other things so I came up with the idea of writing my entire Super Bowl preview in the first 30 min of the 900 hour pregame show. So I apologize in advance for crummy grammar and randomness that is about to follow.

Its Noon and I just turned on the pre-game show, I’ve already watched roughly 2 hours of those 30 minute ESPN Superbowl highlights this morning, my squares picked, my Bettis Jersey is about to be put on (so much for the suspense of who I’m cheering for) and my drinking glass already picked out, so needless to say I am sufficiently psyched for the last meaningful football for 7 months.

Just heard this quote about the Cardinals on the pre-game show; “Coach Wiz told the Cardinals do what you did to get here.”

This led to this quote from my Finace Jamie “Well Cardinals, do what you did in the Playoffs that got you here; actually win or lose, the Cardinals will have done what they did to get there.” Good call.

I guess this is good spot for my non football tangent. Congrats to Nadal for winning his first hard court major by beating Fedorer. I DVR’d it and it was a fantastic match again. I would recommend watching the encore if you get a chance. The match went to the 5th set with Nadal just dominating after the 3rd game. I’m glad that tennis is getting competitive again because after seeing Fedorer dominate the sport for a couple of years it did get a little old. I still would like to Fedorer set the record, I don’t want to see him go non competitive but it is a welcome change.

Alright back to the Super Bowl XLIII Analysis. Steelers vs Cardinals. Like most the experts think the Cardinals will keep it close for awhile, but I think the Steelers are the better team and will go on and win with a dominating second half. I feel this game will go one of two ways.

1. Broncos Falcons: Falcons got hot in the playoffs and knocked off some good teams before getting completely overmatched by the Broncos. OR

2. Rams Titans: Titans had a solid regularly season and then got hot in the playoffs and played a tight down the one yard line Super Bowl game.

I am cheering for a #2 scenario. As much as I would like to see the Steelers win, if the Cards do win I would not be upset. I would feel good for the fans of the team that has stuck with them since the move to the desert. The Steelers fans could use their 5 Super Bowl titles to console themselves.

On to Prop Bets

Coin Flip: Cards

First Play: Pass

First Score: Cardinals

Longest FG: 45 Yards+

First Commercial (Beer of Non Beer): Beer

First Beer Commercial (Bud or the field): Bud

Will Warner Break the record for most passing yards in Super Bowl history: NO

And for the two coolest Prop bets

How Many different players will attempt a Pass: 3+

I like this for a few reasons. First we all know coach Wiz likes trick plays and last time he was in a Super Bowl Randel El threw a TD pass to Ward. It wouldn’t surprise me if we saw a similar play involving Boldin and Fitzgerald. Another reason I like the over is that the Steelers biggest weakness has been their O-Line play. They have finally gotten healthy and have played better as of late but I still can’t get the word Ben and spinal concussion out of my head. It also wouldn’t surprise me if we saw a Byron Leftwhich sighting.

Over/Under Players Jersey who Scores first TD (38.5): Under

I love this bet and love the line. Especially the fact the Willie Parker’s number 39 is just over that. I am taking the under because Holmes with his big play ability and return skill is 10 and Fitz (Who is the 2nd yes 2nd best WR in the NFL behind Andre Johnson) numbers are lower.

Prediction: I Think the Cards will score first and keep it close in the first but then the Steelers will come out and dominate the 2nd half and cruise to an easy victory with the cardinals scoring some garbage points late. So I’m taking the Steelers and laying the 7 and the under (53.5).

Final: Steelers 31 Cardinals 20

Also breaking news. Penn St. just beat Michigan St. Sorry Fodor, but PSU might be more of a bubble team then NU.

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  1. I think Penn State is pretty much *in* at this point. Does that boot MSU to bubble status? Move over Notre Dame, you've got company!

    Like your prop bets. I'm pretty surprised that the over/under is that high. And I also would not be shocked if Byron Leftwich (from? MARSHALL!) makes an appearance. I wonder what the odds were on him being Super Bowl MVP. Worth five bucks for sure.