Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Steelers

Super Sunday was a success.

First off Congrats to the Steelers and Congrats to Santonio Holmes.

What a fantastic game it was last night. At first it seemed like the Steelers were going to dominate the game (Arizona only had 1 possession in the 1st Quarter) for most the way. Then Arizona started showing life only to lead to a pick and score by Harrison. Speaking of that, was it just me or did Harrison look like he was dead after that run. I mean I don’t blame the guy, running a 100 yd dash while avoiding people and breaking tackles is probably extremely tiring, but he looked like he was shot. Lucky for him it was halftime.

Finally Arizona got over the hump and put a couple scores into the endzone thanks to Mr. Fitzgerald. I think he ran that 64 yards on his TD in like 4 seconds. The man was flying down the field. I still think Andre Johnson is a better WR, but Fitz can flat out play.

The Safety was exciting as well. I was talking with my buddy Ryan, and I said watch out for holding in the end zone. Sure enough 2 seconds later a Steelers’ O-Line man is tackling a Cardinal in the end zone. I thought this was the big moment for the Cards comeback. Had this holding not occurred, it would have been Steelers ball first and 10 on there 20. Now the Cards get the ball which allows them to go back down the field and score.

The Steelers last drive of the game was phenomenal. Big Ben somehow avoiding all Cardinal rushers and throwing darts to his WR. I thought the play of the drive was the 2nd and 20; Ben drops back, avoids like 3 rushers and then throws a laser for a completion and a first down. If he doesn’t buy himself some extra time and goes down, it’s 3rd and at least 25. There is no way Pittsburgh gets that, game over and Super Bowl to the Cards.

The final catch was just phenomenal. Ben threw a perfect pass into triple coverage none the less where only his WR could catch it and Holmes did a great job grabbing and dragging his feat. You may say that the drag is so natural for WR that he should do it every time. Well he admitted the play before that he dropped the ball cause he was thinking too much about dragging his feat. Great adjustment and great catch.

The Game did end on a little bit of a sour note. Kurt Warner’s fumble should have at least been reviewed. I mean it’s the Super Bowl for crying out loud. Take the extra 5 minutes to make sure you get it right. Sure the Cards probably wouldn’t have scored with the amount of time left. But who knows with Fitz and Boldin jumping up for the ball anything can happen. I think it was an incomplete pass but I have heard others say it was a fumble. I can live with the call; I just wish they would have taken a look at it.

Alright let’s see how my predictions errr uh guessing went.

Game will be like Broncos Falcons or Rams Titans.

This game had a lot of similarities with Rams Titans; Steelers got a pretty significant lead, with the Cardinals coming all the way back. Then the Steelers reclaimed the lead giving enough time for one final drive that wasn’t meant to be.

Prop Bets

Coin Flip: Cards

Got this one right. Did you know that is 13 straight years for the NFC! 13 that’s nuts. 1-0

First Play: Pass

It was a run. 1-1

First Score: Cards

It was the Steelers. 1-2

Longest FG: 45+

Nope: 1-3

First Commercial: Beer
First Beer Commercial: Bud

Yes it was, a pretty good one too with the guy flying out the window (Video ). 3-3

Will Warner break the record for passing yards in a Super Bowl: No

Yes he did. He has thrown for 300+ in every Super Bowl he has been in with one 400+. So I am dumb 3-4

How many different players will attempt a pass: 3+

Only Warner and Ben 3-5

Over/Under on Jersey number of first score (38.5): Under

It was #33 Gary Russell. 4-5

Steelers 31 Cardinals 20
Steelers (-7) and the Under (53.5)

Final Score: Steelers 27 Cardinals 23.

So I was pretty close on the score, and I hit the under; but the Steelers did not cover.

So Grand Total 5-6. And none of my squares hit. Oh well.

It was a great game, and thank you to everyone who came to my party yesterday. The bring beer to share idea I feel worked out great. (Editor’s Note: Steve asked everybody who came to the party to bring their own 6-pack of a non generic beer which then was shared with everyone).

Finally two notes about the Pre-Game that I liked. The Gatorade bath piece was a nice fun piece. I am glad that they provided the two sides of the story that claim they started it (Giants and Bears). The Bears did it earlier and Hampton said they didn’t do it in the Super Bowl because they expected to win. This allowed the Giants to get Parcells a few years later with the first Gatorade bath in the Super Bowl which led to becoming a tradition for big winners.

Also interesting note I learned from the pre-game. The most downloaded song in ITunes history is…………
DON’T STOP BELIEVEING by Journey!!!!! And Dan Patrick correctly pointed out that it is because of the 2005 White Sox!!!!!!

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