Sunday, February 1, 2009

Marv Albert Can't Wait...

Around this time of year, faithful NFL fans around the country are fixated on only one thing. The biggest event of the football year. That's right... less than three months 'til Christmas II, the NFL Draft! (Maybe Christmas III, now that I think about it. The NCAA Tourney is a wonderful time of year)

Meanwhile, casual fans, lovers of the Boss, Steelers and Cards fanatics... well, I don't really know what you're on about. I'm working a double tomorrow, delivering pizzas. Apparently, we're going to be busy for some reason?

(Man, that is some inspiring music.)

Yeah, yeah, okay. I'm going to listen to the Big Game on the radio. Marv Albert is the man! However, my fellow Bears fans and I have more pressing concerns. Specifically, who is Bears GM Jerry Angelo going to get for us this year? Now, I've been asking around, and can't seem to find much consensus on what position Da' Bears should focus on, let alone any individual players. The Trib's Huddle Up blog had a nice article yesterday where they point out that Kiper's Mock Draft has the Bears taking DE Tyson Jackson from LSU. Pure rushing end... oookay... I guess we didn't get many sacks last year (28, close to the bottom of the league), but didn't we just re-up on Alex Brown? And what happened to Mark Anderson?? Not to mention that Marcus Harrison was really coming on at D-Tackle, Tommie Harris is supposed to be a beast... is Adewale washed up? Oh boy. The Bears defensive line is a subject for a different post. Anyways, other mocks I've seen have us taking a wideout, an o-lineman, even linebackers or corners.

We will have plenty of time to debate the draft over the next several months, but I just wanted to throw one specific name out there, for fun. How scary would Percy Harvin be opposite Devin Hester, or spelling Forte? He'll probably be there at Number 18... just sayin'. You can get big bodies for Lovie to work with at any time in the draft. This kid would instantly make us watchable on offense. Maybe even exciting! And that would really be something for Bears fans to be happy about. So there it is. Three months early, and I'm calling it. Jerry, get Percy's agent on the phone! Maybe you guys can meet up at one of Tampa's many fine dining establishments! Marv can come too!

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