Friday, February 5, 2010

Is Tony Dungy the Most Overrated NFL Coach of All-Time?

I just read an article about Tony Dungy predicting the Colts to beat down on the Saints, which I disagree with, and it got me to thinking: Is Tony Dungy the most overrated coach the NFL has ever witnessed?

Well seeing as how I only have a very limited knowledge of NFL coaching, I cannot make a real good argument for ever. But I do think he is the most overrated coach of this era. Yes he came in and gave life to the once lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he couldn't take arguably the best defense of the early 2000's to a Superbowl, let alone win one (yes I know, the Ravens were the best D of the 00's). I mean let's really break this down.

Dungy with the Bucs:

6-10 in 96
10-6 in 97
8-8 in 98
11-5 in 99
10-6 in 00
9-7 in 01

Record with Bucs: 54-42 (.562)
Average finish in NFC Central: 2.5 Take your pick either second or third place
Year after Dungy left: Bucs went to Superbowl and won it.
Year Before Dungy Arrived: Bucs went 7-9 and finished last in the division (really? shocking).

Then, somehow, he gets a gift of a job with the Colts after this very mediocre performance.

Record with Colts:

10-6 in 02 (2nd place)
12-4 in 03 (1st place)
12-4 in 04 (1st place)
14-2 in 05 (1st place)
12-4 in 06 (1st place)
13-3 in 07 (1st place)
12-4 in 08 (2nd place)

Record with Colts: 85-27 (.833)
Average Finish: 1.28 (or first place)
Year before Dungy arrived: 6-10 (4th in AFC East)
Year after Dugny Leaves: Colts are PLAYING FOR A SUPERBOWL

Overall Record: 139-69 (.668)

Look, after a great coach leaves your team is supposed to get worse. Yet somehow, every year after Dungy has left the teams he left have gone to the Superbowl. He could only win one Superbowl with perhaps the best QB of all time and he may have been the reason that the Colts could never beat the Patriots during their run. I honestly believe that he has cost Manning some Superbowl wins. Without Manning, Dungy would be like all of the other coaches that were on his staff: employed and then fired. This of course is excluding one: Lovie Smith (who, notably, should have been fired this year). It seems to me that Dungy just landed in the best position of all, on teams with exceptional talent.


  1. I hear that he also thinks Tim Tebow should be the number one pick in this years draft

  2. Maybe he should come back and coach the Rams. He can get Tebow number 1. This is the exact reason the Bucs didn't have an offense. Anyone who thinks Tebow is worth anymore than a 5th rounder is insane (IMO). Personally, if I was going to draft him, I'd put him at FB and draft him in the 6th or 7th.

  3. I think Tebow is worth about a 2nd or 3rd round pick, personally.

    Dungy is a Super Bowl winner, which doesn't hurt his credentials. I think the lousiest thing he ever did was start the Colts out on "resting our starters to keep them fresh" which may have cost them as many as three Lombardi Trophies.

  4. I don't see it. I don't think Dungy winning a superbowl makes him a great coach. Bill Walsh once said that the reason the Bears didn't win more Superbowls was because of Mike Ditka. I feel the same way about the Colts.

  5. Dungy D Cordinator on the Unstoppable Vikings Offense that went 0 for the super bowls

    I think he's a good but thought i'd help ryan's Cause

  6. I don't think he is overrated at all. Plus the team that won the super bowl in tampa was the team he coached. Just look at how the team did the rest of the seasons John Guden was there.