Monday, February 1, 2010

Mike Martz is Bears New OC

The Chicago Tribune and are reporting that the Chicago Bears have hired Mike Martz as their new offense coordinator. Martz is the former OC and Coach of the Rams where he orchestrated their high flying offense into what was nicknamed, "The Greatest Show on Turf." Martz becomes the 3rd OC of the Lovie Smith Era

I for one like the signing. He was always the backup plan for the Bears and I think they are glad they had a backup plan. Martz will bring a stronger emphasis on the passing game which will hopefully let Cutler thrive in the system. Martz has struggle in has last two stops in San Francisco and Detroit. San Francisco he had troubles because his preferred passing attacked did not work well with the 49ers who were better equipped to focus on the run. He ran into similar problems in Detroit where he couldn't find consistent enough QB play to allow his offense to thrive. I hope that he brings new life to the Bears offense. I am concerned that the NFL has caught up to Martz's schemes and that is why he has been failing lately.


  1. Another thing to think about is that Martz's offense depends on timing and speed. Our stadium is perhaps the WORST in the league in terms of field conditions. Will that slow down the timing routes and the speed of the WRs? This will go down as a HUGE signing or the reason Lovie Smith and JA get canned next year IMO.

  2. Well, since everybody thinks Lovie is getting canned after next year anyway, I think this is a great signing.

    Now: We need a defensive coordinator AND some offensive lineman, because Mike Tice is huge, but the game has passed him by... heh.