Friday, February 5, 2010

Rod Marinelli the Bears New Defensive Coordinator

So, "Rodimus Prime," as someone on the Chicago Bears Message Board calls him, was named Defensive Coordinator today. Funny how inept this organization is. The Bears could have hired both Martz and Marinelli the day of the press conference, but refused to. I don't know whether or not Hot Rod is going to be a good DC, I sure hope he is, I just don't get the Bears.

The Chicago Bears are worth around 1.5 billion dollars. What organization worth that much money do you know of that runs its business so ineptly? If the Bears weren't backed by the NFL and instead had to fend off other competitors, like any other normal business, they probably would have crumbled.

What has it been, 6 weeks? To hire the same people everyone knew you were going to hire day 1? Jesus! If I were Virginia McCaskey I would resist dying everyday simply b/c I knew that as soon as I died George was gonna give me the back of his hand!

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  1. I had to keep the Asian kid. =) Slight edit for our younger audience members though... and great point. Why not just hire these guys on Day One???