Thursday, February 4, 2010


If you have watched ESPN at all you probably have heard about 20 different superbowl predictions. Mel Kiper says that Reggie Bush is going to have tha game of his life. Mark Schlereth seems to think that the game will be dominated by the Colts defense and Manning will pick apart the Saints.

All of these opinions seem to have some merit, however, this is my 2 cents on the superbowl.

The Colts gave up only 10 sacks all season, which lays out a challenge to New Orleans. However, if you look at the last 2 games the saints have played they have knocked 1 quarterback into retirement and the other into his psuedo-retirement (which may be the norm for Favre now). Even though the Colts O-line is phenomenal I predict that the Saints will get to Manning 2-3 times legally, and probably 1 other time that will cost them 15 yards. Despite getting hit I predict Manning will throw 2 TD's and have only mild trouble with the Saints defense. Tack on a TD on the ground and the Colts offense looks pretty good.

To the other side of the ball, the Colts also have a great defense, however, in my mind it isnt as great as the Saints high powered offense. I believe that Brees will have no trouble at all moving the ball down the feild especially if they decide to spread it out early. The only way I forsee Reggie Bush having the game of his life is if Indianapolis blitzes far to often and Bush is on a short screen route every time. I predict that Brees will throw for 3 TDs and Bush will not score.

After looking at both sides of the ball, I believe that both teams will reach the end zone three times, and that the game will come down to special teams. In the special teams category I have to give the slight advantage to New Orleans. Which makes my final score prediction. 27-24 Saints in either OT or in the closing minutes.


  1. Whoa. Saints win in the first OT in Superbowl histroy. Your score is 51 which is under the 56 line that Vegas has out

  2. If this thing goes to OT my guess the score is more like 34-31.

  3. Watch for the weather to be a factor. It is only supposed to be 5 degrees warmer than it was in the Indy Baltimore game with the same wind speed. That why I think it will be a lower scoring game.

  4. Reggie Bush is the most overated NFL player ever. Weather could keep it low scorering. Tom Verducci from my Dome Field advantage would agree. I also like the Saints pick to win, you don't hear many people making that prediction. I am cheering for them (2 Hoosiers!) but I don't know, the Colts look pretty good.