Monday, February 1, 2010

NFL All-Decade Team. Bears Send Three

ESPN has announced their all 2000s team. The Chicago Bears had 3 players on it, Brian Urlacher, Olin Kruetz and Devin Hester. None of these selections surprise me. Urlacher went to multiple Pro Bowls and won defensive player of the year in 2006.

Olin Kreutz has gone to many Pro Bowls as well, even when the teams offense was not playing well. Hester had the best two year run for a kick returner scoring 12 touchdowns as well as the opening kick off in the Super Bowl. Technically Orlando Pace is a Bear for the all-decade team, but if this were like the Baseball Hall Of Fame, he'd be wearing his Rams helmet.

I can not think of any other Bears deserving to go. Briggs has been good lately, but wasn't for the whole decade. If I did include him I would move out DeMarcus Ware to put him in. Ware has been great the past few seasons, but didn't have the longevity of the decade to give it to him. He benefits from playing for the Dallas Cowboys. I do think Brad Maynard could be considered for punter instead of Brian Moorman, but since he has not been selected to the Pro Bowl one time, it'd be tough to put him on this list.

Players who I think do not belong.

Warren Sapp: Sapp was good at the turn of the century, but was always overrated in my opinion. He produced good, not great years in Oakland before retiring two years ago. In his place. I would probably pick Albert Haynesworth who was good from 2002 on with a few truly dominating stretches. I would also consider Bryant Young (1990s all-decade member) who was a two time pro bowler in the 00s and retired in 2007.

DeMarcus Ware: Previously discussed.

Terrell Owens: He has been a good WR, but is thought of as great because of how much time he spends in the media. He was a game changer for Philly and set the record for catches in a game while with San Francisco. His most famous catch to beat the Packers happened in the 90s so has to be discounted. He led the league in drops while playing in Dallas, and had a basic no show in Buffalo this past year. The problem is, who do you replace him with? My Boss and I have been debating about this the last 10 min or so and here our nominees and then my winner

Debatable, but behind TO

Reggie Wayne: Played in 4 Pro Bowls and 2 Super Bowls (might win both). Lived in Marvin's shadow for most the of decade but was still able to produce. He did benefit from playing with Peyton Manning. Drafted in 2001.

I'd take him over TO

Steve Smith: Started off as a kick returner who caught passes and slowly evolved into one of the most feared WR during the middle of the decade. Still a big play threat every play on the field toward the end of the decade. Played in 1 Super Bowl and 3 Pro Bowls. Drafted in 2001

My selection over TO

Hiens Ward: Hiens was drafted in 1998 so he played the entire decade. He is one of the most reliable wide receivers and is also one of the best blocking wide receivers (underrated skill set for WR). He has won 2 Super Bowls included winning the Super Bowl MVP and played in 4 Pro Bowls.

So what about you? Who would you add or take off? Happy with the Bears selections?


  1. I think Hines Ward is a great selection, probably a better one than TO. But in terms of news made, TO definitely wins.

    Secondly, I don't know that Jamal Lewis should have made it. Didn't Priest Holmes have similar credentials? Personally, I would have preferred Warrick Dunn or maybe Tiki Barber?

    Is Orlando Pace now an UFA, because both you and the Trib left him off the list of Bears that made it.

    Loved a few underappreciated guys getting some respect: La'Roi Glover, Lorenzo Neal.

    You're right about Demarcus Ware - hasn't played long enough. So who do I take instead? Briggs would be solid. Shawne Merriman? Or a personal favorite, Julian Peterson, who wins in my book.

    I really can't argue with any of the DBs or specialists, except to say that what actual 53-man roster has two punters and two kickers?? Where's the all-decade long snapper? Geez.

  2. I think Jamal Lewis gets the nod over Priest Holmes for 3 reasons. 1. Set the single game rushing record (since broken by AP) 2. Broke the 2000 yard mark durning a season 3. Won a Super Bowl. So i'd give it to him.

    No way i'm giving it to Tiki Barber. Tiki was the most overated player i have ever seen. He was a good media friend and played in New York so he got the benefit of the doubt. As soon as he retired, his team went off and won the Super Bowl

    Merriman can't go in for two reasons. 1 steroids. 2. He has sucked since he has been off the steroids. I like your Julian peterson choice, I could also go with Jeremiah Trotter. He was outstanding durning the first half of the decade and has been good, not great in the back half.

    All Decade Long Snapper. Manley!

  3. Jeremiah Trotter would have been a money pick, but I still like J Peterson - a rock on my Madden teams throughout the decade!

    Like I said, I'd take Warrick Dunn in that RB spot. But somebody on ESPN made a strong case for Brian Westbrook, a choice I would have also been very happy with.