Thursday, February 4, 2010

Purdue Gives Hope for Indiana

Indiana and Purdue had a game that makes this rivalry so much fun. Purdue is clearly the better team, but played a back and forth game with the upstart Hoosiers. I know it was a frustrating loss for the Hoosiers, but hope is just on the other side of the floor.

Matt Painter took over in 2005, he played out Keady's players and then started bringing in his own great recruiting classes. These teams were young and talented but couldn't put it together. Now look at them, they are all upper classmen and making big plays in big moments.

This is going to be the Hoosiers in two years, everyone is good, but not too good to jump to the NBA. This team is going to grow up together and learn from tough losses like this. In two years, I fully expect this IU team to be making a Final Four run just like i expect this year's Purdue team to do the same.

I have talked to my Dad about games like this. It's frustrating to loose them, but we have to remember, they are young and inexperienced. These games are no where near as frustrating as the Marco, DJ or Eric games where we knew our team was better then they were playing.

Don't be down Hoosier fans, hope is on its way, and we can look to our biggest rival for hope.


  1. Still a heartbreaking loss. But yeah, we'll be fine.

    It's nice to see Pritchard step up and contribute for this team. Too bad Watford couldn't pull his weight towards the end. Verdell Jones is a closer, plain and simple. I really like the trio of him, Dumes, and Hulls, even though Rivers is a better defensive guard.

  2. Please, IU sucks and will continue to suck.

  3. Ryan: We're not great, but come next year those close losses will (hopefully) become close wins.