Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 NBA Free Agency Part 2

So all the trades are in. The Bulls have cleared enough money to sign, potentially, one max FA and another player around 6-10 million. The Knicks have cleared enough room to sign two max free agents and then there are the Clippers who have near enough cap room for one max free agent. On its face, everyone is talking about how the Knicks are going to end up with Lebron and someone else. I just don't see it. If Lebron wanted to play with Knicks alongside another max free agent, they would have no other supporting cast. They would have no bench except for undrafted free agents and a late first round pick.

So, really, the only thing attracting Lebron to NY would be the promotions, a coach, and a great second player. The rest of the team would suck. That would not be enough to win a championship, or multiple championships, and NY has strained itself for the next few years in terms of being able to bring in talent (they gave up their pick next year as well I believe).

Now you go to the Bulls. The second largest market (since LA is split with two teams). A young playoff caliber team with a budding superstar. Lebron would get his wish to play along side another superstar, and would also have a team that is already talented. The promotions in Chicago would be huge, especially since Michael Jordan would also an even closer connection of his.

Minus Lebron (pre-Antwan Jamison) I'd say the Bulls were a better team than the Cavs. And to be honest, if I'm LeBron and I want to leave Cleveland (as I'm sure any rational human being would) I would choose Chicago over any of the other cities. The talent is there, the money is there, the promotions are there, and so are the connections. New York would only offer the promotions and money.

Of course, all the LeBron to NY hype is b/c ESPN is right outside NY and they cannot see beyond their own walls. So, I say bring on LeBron. He would change the face of this team immediately.


  1. A study from some group that I forget the name of just came out today saying that Cleveland is the most miserable city in America, so a move to Chicago would be an upgrade. I would love to see Lebron in Chicago next season.

  2. DYNASTY!!!!!

    New York does worry me because of Lebron's goal of becoming a global icon, but I agree, he will have nothing around him. Bring him into chicago and bring a friend, he is a title contender for the next 6 years and him and Rose can perfect thier alley-opp passes

  3. Hmmm... would you rather go after LeBron, or get Bosh and Joe Johnson?

    just playin' devils advocate. What if we're in the Bron sweepstakes but miss out on the other guys because of it?

  4. LeBron is not going anywhere. He will resign with Cleveland after the NBA Championship comes to that town this year. He like Michael, realize being an outstanding players does not mean a thing unless you win a Championship. Cleveland has brought in the players to win.

    Ryan I would love to see LeBron donning a Bulls jersey, but it is not going to happen.