Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chicago Quick Hits


Micheal Jordan's 47th birthday came and went the other day.Mike and Mike had an intresting debate on which day has the best birthdays for sports atheletes. Thanks to Jordan and Jim Brown being born on the same day, it's tough to get a better day to be born on then that.

White Sox in Talks with Damon

I'm not sure how I feel about getting him. He's still productive, but don't we have enough old outfielders now? I think the goal for the White Sox this offseason was to get the 2003 All-Star team. Visquel, Jones, Pierre and Damaon were all fantastic back in the day, but aren't they getting a little old?


  1. I would like Damon. He is a lefty who can hit .280 get on base .370 and hit 20 HR's all while having solid speed. There is no way the contract is longer than 2 years and most likely is only a one year deal. He'll also be able to do the intangible things such as lay down a bunt, which Thome was unable to do. I think you have to look at him more as a DH than as an OF.

  2. I'm starting to get the sense that Andruw Jones isn't goanna get a whole lot of playing time...