Wednesday, February 17, 2010

John Salmons Traded

But for who? According to ESPN Chicago (the only reputable site affiliated with Walt Disney) Salmons has been asked to sit out of the game and will not even leave the hotel in anticipation of a trade. Rumor has it that the Bulls were trying to shove Salmons and Tyrus down Houston's throat, but it's also been said that Chicago's chances of getting McGrady are slim. I guess we will have to wait and see who we have landed, but that is an extra 5.8 million off the books next year (which means 5.8 million more for LeBron). Btw, who else is extraordinarily pumped up for Saint Patrick's Day weekend? I had a blast last year, I intend to have a blast again this year! Best weekend of the year!


  1. My scuttlebutt has Salmons going to the Bucks in exchange for expiring contracts.

    It could be young expiring contracts or old. I'd rather have Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander than Kurt Thomas and Francisco Elson, since we could maybe get some good run out of the young guys for the rest of the year!

    Love those green unis.

  2. I will always remeber Hakim Warrick for this

    So when does T-Mac come to town?