Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flying Tomato Collects Halfpipe Gold

That's right, guys, an Olympics post! Today was a very good day for Team USA, as Lindsey Vonn, Shani Davis (the Terrell Owens of speedskaters), and Shaun White each took the gold in their respective events. (downhill ski, 1,000 meter, halfpipe)

Check out this ridiculous video of White's final run. Try and ignore the annoying kids in the background. Tomato lands his patented Double McTwist 1260 on his last jump despite a lack of speed... pretty damn impressive!

(Video a property of NBC. We'll see how long they let it stay on YouTube)

(Answer: Less than a day. Way to go, NBC.)

EDIT: New video! Now a LEGAL sample of the Double McTwist 12. Man, that's a cool trick.


  1. Whoa Fodor, Olympics Post! Last night's coverage was solid, Short and Long track speed skating, Men's Halfpipe, Vonn's Gold Medal. Good times!

    BTW, I couldn't land that trick off a 50 foot high dive let alone with 0 speed going in.