Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chicago Bulls Trade Tryrus Thomas

The Chicago Bulls traded Tyrus Thomas to the Charolette Bobcats for "Flip" Murray, Acie Law IV and a protected #1. This move along with the Salmons move should allow the Bulls enough cap space to sign two max deals this offseason.

Acie Law IV was a great player at Texas A&M but has not done much since joining the NBA. "Flip" Murray has bounced around the league, playing for 6 different teams since being drafted in the second round in 2002.


  1. Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh next year?

    PG - Rose
    SG - Johnson
    SF - Deng
    PF - Bosh
    C - Noah

    That's a darn solid starting 5. Good enough to win a title? I think so.

  2. I think the bulls are trying but do not understand why we cannot compete.

  3. "we cannot compete" -- 3 recent playoff appearances, and took the NBA champs to seven games last year. That's not competitive? 28-26 without a go-to scorer and missing our center?

    I'd say that's pretty decent.