Monday, February 15, 2010

NFL Rule Changes?

I was reading an article today about the Big Hurt's hall of fame chances especially since he only played DH and didn't do anything on defense. That got me to thinking about the NFL and how there aren't any players that play both sides anymore. From there I started thinking about what the NFL would look like if they made a few interesting rule changes. Then I came up with one rule change that would dramatically effect the game:

For every snap that you play on either offense or defense you have to play the same number on the opposite side of the ball.

What if you did have to play your QB on defense the same number of snaps as he played on offense. Think about the entirely different strategy in the game. You'd probably have to bench some of your star players for a good portion of the game. The strategy would be entirely different. Doing that, and reducing the amount of TV time outs and maybe even time between plays could make for an even more interesting NFL. Of course, they'd probably have to expand their rosters in order for their to be substitutions at a much higher rate. What do you guys think?


  1. First of all, that is an AWESOME picture of Deion.

    Secondly, this is definitely an interesting idea, but I think it would be really hard to enforce, because there aren't a set number of snaps on the offensive/defensive side of the ball per game.

    To have a similar effect, what you'd have to do is *reduce* the number of guys on a roster to closer to 30, forcing people to play both ways. I believe the AFL worked this way.

    Thirdly, you'd have a LOT of tired-ass guys with this setup. But yes, it would fundamentally change the game! All of those "tweeners" that get hurt in the draft because they don't have a true position suddenly become the most valuable guys.

  2. Yeah, I was thinking about that second issue when writing it. How would you enforce it? I think they'd probably have to make it something like plus or minus x amount of snaps.

    I also think you'd have to enforce the penalties in the next game. Something like a 15 yard penalty for every snap that your team broke the rules on. The other team could choose to either enforce it all in one lump sum or spread it out. Imagine games that you knew you were screwed b/c you started off with a 1st and 40 on your own 3. 3 and out here we come! Finally the Bears wouldn't look so ridiculous during the first quarter!

  3. Arena Leauge is like this, but you have a D speicalist to play for the QB