Sunday, February 28, 2010

CCIW Champions

I have had the goal for quite awhile now that I always have wanted to rush the floor either after a major upset or after a championship. Just always seemed like a cool thing to do for me. Well last night, Carthage basketball gave me that opportunity. After winning the regular season title, Carthage(16) had the number one seed in the CCIW tournament. Friday night they held of a scrappy Augustana team with a big three from their conference MVP point guard Steve Djerokovic. Last night after being down 5 with 3 minutes to go to Illinois Wesleyan, Carthage came back to win on the back of Mitch Thompson our freshman power forward, who nailed 4 clutch free throws and also had 2 key blocks. Overall, it was an intense game and helped fulfill my goal. And on top of that its was the first time ever that Carthage has won the CCIW tournament. For the full tournament notes check out here.

I wish I was more clear on D3 procedures, but I believe from here Carthage will move onto the regional tournament, and then onto nationals. That could be completely wrong but the D3 website is very hard to read at this point. from what I can gather it appears that Carthage will be the (or a) number 1 seed in the midwest regional tournament.


  1. Storming the Floor is awesome! How was the mosh pit? You push over some security guards on your way down?

  2. Reading this makes me wish I had gone to a D3 school, where I could have walked on and played basketball with all the other whiteys.

    Congrats. Will expect more D3bb updates now. See what you've done?

    Also, Bosko Djuricovic is the coach, and Steve is his son? Gotta love that.

  3. Yes steve is his son and opponents give us crap for that all the time. As for the security, I outran one guy off the floor after they announced to get off the floor but moshing with the center was SWEET!