Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trading Greg Olsen

Okay, it has been widely speculated that Greg Olsen may be traded. But NBC Chicago is reporting that the Bears have talked to both the Cardinals and New England involving a possible trade. NBC Chicago speculates that perhaps we are trying to trade Olsen for Rolle so we don't have to outbid teams. Are you f'n kidding me? Are you really that scared to outspend someone Chicago? If Rolle is truly your guy you go out there and make it happen. Unless of course this is a move that allows you to nab Julius Peppers as well. Otherwise, Rolle for Olsen is a no go in my book unless they send us like a 4th or 5th rounder as well.

One move I wouldn't mind seeing is Olsen for Boldin. It makes sense and would give the Bears an even better weapon on offense, especially under Martz anti-TE scheme. The move that I would dread is Olsen for one of New England's Second Rounders. You know Olsen can play in the NFL, whether or not he ever can become a Superstar is another question. So, why trade someone who is a pretty good pass catching TE for a player to be named later. Just as it goes in the MLB, many of these player's to be named later (aka a draft pick) just flat out suck. See Dan Bazuin. I just hope the Bears aren't making this move just because. This coaching staff could very likely be out of here after this year, and I'd hate to see us lose Olsen b/c we decided he was expendable under Mike Martz's system (who would be fired for his 4th time).


  1. I agree, we can't trade Olson for nothing, that would be terrible. I like Olson a lot, but need to start seeing production. I know the Bears O pretty muched sucked all around last year but I'm not ready to give up for draft picks. Draft picks have a 50/50 shot of working. Forget that

  2. You pretty much nailed it with the Dan Bazuin comment. Trading away a first-round talent that you know is already fairly good for a crapshoot by Jerry Angelo in the second round? Uh, no thanks.