Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sweet 16

Since a few days ago I opened the book on D3 hoops, I figured I would continue the updates. The NCAA tourny has indeed started and I am happy to announce that Carthage won their first two games. The team was lead over the weekend by MVP point guard who scored 50+ points and had 20 assists between the two games.

In other tournament news, the two time defending champion, Washington University was beaten this weekend by Illinois Wesleyan (the very same team that lost the CCIW championship to Carthage). Hopefully I will continue to have updates, but I believe that the two favorites right now are Williams, Gulford and UW Stevens Point.

It should be mentioned that Carthage won both games on their home court. Even though it's spring break, the dean of students kept the dorms open and student government paid for all students tickets, so a definite home court advantage was held. We will have to wait and see how they do on the road for the remainder of the tournament.

I finally found a bracket for the tournament. It looks as if the next game for carthage will be a rematch of the CCIW championship. should be a great game.
The bracket isnt completely updated, but here is the link.


  1. That bracket is awesome. Next year, we really ought to gamble on D-3 too.

  2. Mark "I don't have a gamebling problem" Fodor!

  3. "gamebling" sounds like a ruby-studded IU chain. Come to think of it, I could probably rock one of those.