Friday, March 5, 2010

Report: Julius Peppers Signing to be Announced at a Press Conference Later this Afternoon.

It is being reported that the signing of Julius Peppers will be announced this afternoon at a press conference. It is also being reported that the deal will be worth 12-14 million dollars per year for six years. Expensive? Yes, but it certainly isn't 15-20 million like many people speculated. Also, it is being reported that the Bears will also announce the signing of Chester Taylor in the press conference as well. So, in the first 13 hours the Bears signed the top DE, a RB, a TE and yet we are not supposed to believe they are going to go hog wild? LOL. GO BEARS!


  1. YES, Happy Julius Peppers Day!

    Bear Down Chicago Bears

  2. I am so thrilled that we are "drafting players" so early in free agency

  3. The Bears signing of Peppers makes them the 3rd best team in their division...they were the 3rd best prior to the signing.