Thursday, March 4, 2010

IU Gameday Traditions - An email to Mr. Rittenberg

If any of you readers out there are like me, the Big Ten blog on ESPN is probably at the top of your website favorites. Adam Rittenberg is my hero! Recently he was running a series of “Gameday Traditions” for Big Ten teams. I noticed this morning that he posted a new series called “Spring Superlatives”…and wondered if IU wasn’t worthy of its own “Gameday Traditions” entry. I felt compelled to write him a note and let him in on the Gameday Traditions I was a part of during my time as a Hoosier.

“Hey Adam! But I digress...

No gameday tradition entry for my beloved Indiana? How about this:

7:30am: Wake up hungover from the night before.
8:00am: Swing by the liquor store because for some reason the booze you bought the night before ended up getting drank.
8:15am: Arrive at the grass fields to find a spot close to the stadium...but away from those annoying frats.
8:16am: Shotgun the first beer.
8:18am: Set up the grill and beer pong table.
8:19am: Start the first beer pong game...everyone knows that breakfast can wait.
8:30am: After a victorious beer pong game the grill is fired up for some breakfast burritos.
8:45-10:00am: Continue the drinking...throw the bags...hit on any girl that walks past...
10:01am: Walk over to the line at the port-a-potty.
10:05am: Continue to wait in line (always come prepared with a beer in your hand and one in your pocket).
10:15am: Finally leave the port-a-potty. By this time you decide that the frats aren't THAT annoying so you decide to head over and see what your buddy from Pi-Kapps is doing. It's important that you have an in so you aren't the GDI hitting on the sorority girls, that can lead to fights.
11:00am: Kick-off. The following exchange can be heard at various locations in the grass lots:

Friend 1: "Wait, the game started?"
Friend 2: "I guess so, I don't have a ticket"
Friend 1: "Yea me neither"
Friend 2: "Can you hold this funnel while I take this beer bong?"

11:45am: Fireworks go off, IU scored! Fans in the grass lots cheer with no idea what is happening. This doesn't typically occur more than twice during a game.
12:30pm: Lunch time - fire up the grill again.
2:00pm: Game is over - IU played well in the first half and kept it close...lost by 25.
2:10pm: Convince yourself that you can make it to Yogi's for a little bit in the afternoon...end up walking home and passing out for 4 hours. Sometimes this happens to be on the front porch couch because you can't find your keys...
7:00pm: Off to Nick's, Kilroy's, Sports, Bluebird, Upstairs, Brothers.....etc.
10:00pm: Creep out some girl at the bar. This will happen about 10 more times the rest of the night.
1:00am: Pizza Express!
11:00am: Wake up and realize that college is the greatest time ever. And hangovers suck.”

Anything I missed? I expect this to be the most entertaining comments section on the blog so far...


  1. 1) Breakfast Burritos are the SHIT - I think I know what my tailgate food of choice is goanna be for my four day Big Ten Tourney tailgate extravaganza next weekend.

    2) more coming later - i'm late to class!

  2. You missed listening to the fish call the game, but only really paying attention when the fans are cheering.

    Colder games require bring out the fire pit.

    Can't forget about giving bums your used cans.

    Complaining about Matt "Run Up the Middle" Canada

  3. How about realizing your car battery died so you have to find jumper cables, while trying to hook up the jumper cables you realize you probably shouldn't be doing it.

  4. Of course, the car battery has died because you're listening to the Fish all game long without starting your car.

  5. The craziest one was when this senile old man drove up in his truck and sat in the tailgate fields for about an back in the car to leave and backed right into somebody's grill and almost took out like 3 people. He then got out of the car crying - kinda sad when you think about it...but hilarious if you are drunk and watching.

  6. aw geez, poor guy!

    Probably just wanted somebody to tailgate with.

  7. 10 am: During an IU-Purdue tailgate shout at a homeless man that walks by, "Someone went to Purdue!"

    10:01 am: Get glared at by people who are easily offended.

  8. Haha, i totally forgot about that one!