Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NHL Trade Deadline

So the NHL Trade Deadline has come and gone with the Blackhawks only making so small moves. They traded for defensmen Kim Johnsson before the olympic break, and aquired Nick Boynton last night. Don't know much about Boynton, but he was assigned to the Hawks minor league affiliate. Johnsson has been decent in the 3 games he has played for the Hawks so far. He has been described as a big minutes D guy which is good because he can help with taking some minutes from Keith and Seabrook and keep them fresh for the playoffs.

What is most dissapointing about this deadline is that they didnt really do much to help out their goalie situation. Huet lets get his head get in the way and I believe the Niemi is showing that he might not be ready to take on the work load of a number 1 goalie just yet. The Blackhawks were rumored to be looking to aquiring various goaltenders, but not sure if they werent looking or couldnt get anything done. So the Hawks will be going into the playoffs with Huet and Niemi as their goalies and one of them will have to stand out for the Hawks to have a chance at the cup but its not impossible. We will just have to wait and see.


  1. It seems like they're rolling with Niemi and hoping he can be the guy down the stretch.

    Should be interesting to see how the Olympics affects guys. Getting Johnsson was smart...

    Here's my question: If the 'Hawks are the Mighty Ducks, who are the Hawks? (that was the bad guy team in MD1, no?) It's not the Wings. Not this year, anyway. Caps?

  2. Sharks?

    I feel good about Niemi, but the fighting Finn is young and inexpirenced, how do we think he will react in the playoffs?

    We know what Huet is, he's 33 he's not changing.

    The advantage these two goal keeps have is the Hawks lead the league in shots on goal and fewest shots allowed. Saying that, a hot goaltender can carry a team far in the Cup playoffs