Saturday, March 6, 2010

Two More Free Agents Needed, Jerry

While it's great that the Bears have gone out and made a splash in free agency so far, there are two more spots where we need starters for next year. One is interior offensive line - Frank Omiyale was a flop, Garza is old, and Kreutz is, well, also old.

To my mind, unrestricted free agent Rex Hadnot (G) is one name to consider. Another is Chester Pitts. Pitts is an unrestricted guard who has been on the Texans.

Free safety is the other spot where the Bears need to improve through free agency. They don't have a single quality FS on the roster right now, and as the Giants' dropping 33 million on Antrel Rolle shows, it's a position of high demand in the NFL.

OJ Atogwe is a restricted free agent, which means the Bears would either have to trade for him (Greg Olsen?) or give up some draft picks. Miami released Gibril Wilson today, but he has been overpaid and underperformed for both Oakland and Miami in the last two years. Maybe a change of scenery would do him good?

In my mind, Pittsburgh's Ryan Clark is maybe the best option. An unrestricted free agent, he can be gotten for a lower price than Rolle, and has been good for the Steelers.

But hey, then again, Mike Brown is out there too! Anybody wanna walk down memory lane?


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  2. taiwanese trolls mean we're actually getting traffic. :-P

  3. Atogwe wouldn't actually cost draft picks - so that could be good. The market might be $$ for him though when its all said and done. Maybe a 3rd round safety now? Kam Chancellor out of Va Tech is huge, 6'3" 230 and plays FS...or maybe Larry Asante out of Nebraska.

    Looks like Hadnot could have potential at G if we got him. He was starting during a couple of Jerome Harrison's huge games, gotta be at least decent, right? Can't say I've watched many browns games.

  4. Asante's a liability in coverage. I do like Kam Chancellor, though.