Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Julius Peppers = A Chicago Bear?

According to the Bears are in pursuit of him. Man, wouldn't that be amazing? I really think he is the kind of guy that can help turn this defense around. We have been really missing a consistent pass rush the last few years, and someone of his caliber could generate said rush. The secondary would be immediately improved and maybe we could see the Bears crack the top 10 in defenses again. Perhaps he could also help out the Bulls during the offseason!

Oh yeah, and one more thing... 6 posters this week: Mark, Steve, Dan, Derek, Tim, and Myself equals an all-time new high for posters in one week. So, in the short span since Steve's post we've already broken the most comments mark and amount of posters to make a post in one week. What other records are there that we can break?


  1. Julius Peppers would be great for the Bears. Ryan and I have been loved him when he was coming out of UNC and was pissed about not being #1. He's a guy that instantly makes our defense better and requires a double team on every play.

    As for more records to break, Ryan is closing in on his goal of 200 for the year. He's only about 195 away.

  2. Realistic goal to break, we are only 6 short of the post in a week record.

  3. I wanna see peppers as a linebacker for chicago. Briggs Urlacher and Peppers would be lethal.