Sunday, February 21, 2010

United States vs. Canada Tonight

So tonight is the highly anticipated matchup between the United States and Canada in men’s hockey. I have heard some people call in the biggest game in sports. Those of you who know me know that I disagree with that statement. I believe that the United States win over the Soviet Union 30 years ago tomorrow is one of the best moments in US sports. It had more meaning 30 years ago and still would if there is an upset tonight.

I don’t see tonight’s matchup anymore than just a game between border rivals where both teams are made up of NHLers and for bragging rights for teammates that are on opposing sides. A factor that downplays the importance of this game is the fact that each team makes the medal round anyways, so the US could lose this game and still have a chance at a medal - just means they won’t get a bye. In fact the network doesn’t see this as an important game as they will be showing the ever so popular Ice Dancing on its primary station.

Seriously………..Ice Dancing?

You will have to tune in on MSNBC to watch this game. While I believe anything can happen I don’t see the United States pulling this out. The offense and defense have looked out of sync both games so far so goalie Ryan Miller must have a great game to have a chance. Canada is coming of a shootout win over the Swiss the other night so they will look to have a better performance. So enjoy tonight’s game if the US wins they get a bye, and if they lose then they don’t get a bye no big deal.

To steal something from Steve-

Who do I want to win: United States
Who do I think will win: Canada-A

EDIT: US Wins! I was delivery driving, but apparently I missed an awesome game. -MF


  1. Ryan Miller - 42 saves?! Are you kidding me? That is awesome.

  2. I understand this game doesn't have elimination ramifications, but it's a rivalry game like Bears Packers, or Cubs Sox so of course it's going to be a good game.

    The game was amazing, back and forth action quick tempo the entire time and Miller was out of his mind. I heard an intresting point that the lack of commercials allowed the game to keep the tempo up.

    Best thing about the win for USA, now if Canada beats Germany, they have to face Russia in the Quaterfinals. Both were gold medal favorites coming into the games.

  3. The brackets out and the US plays the winner of Switzerland and Belarus and wouldn't meet Russia or Canada till the Gold medal game if they were to make it that far. Great game last night it was really fun to watch MSNBC probably had its highest ratings in years but probably still had trouble beating that Ice Dancing on the primary channel