Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shamu Kills a 3rd Person

A story has emerged on CNN about "Shamu," the killer whale's stage name. Apparently, it killed a trainer today. This is the third life that this Shamu has taken (All whale's at Seaworld are Shamu on stage, otherwise they have real names). My question is this: Why the hell is this whale not dead? Apparently the first person was hiding in the park at night and jumped into the cage. Okay, fine, I'll let that pass on sheer stupidity. But then the whale kills a 20 year old who slips into the tank and this lady. What the hell? You could have saved at least one person's life by executing the damn whale when you had a chance!

If a person kills two people it's likely they are going to be executed. So why in the hell are we not applying that principle to a freakin' (censored for audience) whale? Because it's wild, it doesn't know better? If this had been a great white shark, or any shark for that matter, it'd be dead. Which makes even less sense seeing as how (1) they aren't as smart as whales; and (2) they are more dangerous than whales. I understand Killer Whales are a dangerous species, but not as dangerous as a human being. So, lets put this thing out of its misery before we lose anymore lives when someone slips.

I bet you're asking yourself why is this in a sports blog? The answer is simple: Hunting Whales is a sport in my book!


  1. you're fucking retarded

    things die in the wild

    let the animal go live and die where it was intended to

    why does every human being think it can cage something for the entirety of its existence then wonder, ignorantly, why it retaliates? this is a rhetorical question.

  2. also, do your research. the idiot who jumped in the tank was proven dead of hypothermia.

    the thing is a WHALE



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  4. ... or we could kill it.

    Of course things die in the wild, but they can also die in captivity. Especially when we kill it.

    Also, I don' t think I was ever questioning the whale's motives. Just wondering why it isn't dead.

  5. If we killed everything capable of killing us, we would have a world without killer whales, tigers, and linebackers.

    I know, not all of the above are killers. But Ray Lewis is still out there.

    My sense: If you know this whale has killed before, and you get in its tank voluntarily, you are taking your life into your own hands. No freakin' way this animal should be executed for doing what's natural.

  6. Ryan just offended our only reader who isn't a poster or related to a poster. Thanks Ryan, our readership just decreased by 100%

    Here's a clip of Ryan's solution, presented by the experts at South Park of course.

    Ok. Now to be serious. The problem with releasing the Killer Whale into the wild is that Killer Whales live in Pods with other Killer Whales. They live, hunt and eat together. So if we decided to let it go, it wouldn't last very long in the wild.

    The whale was already determined to be unsafe to swim with, so the trainer was going in at her own risk. My question is though, if it is unsafe to swim with, why was it put on the show?

    I see no problem having it continue to live at Seaworld, but not allow employees to swim with it. People will still get a kick out of seeing the whale, and won't put people in danger.

  7. I thought I read that it is too big to be put on for show. And these people didn't jump in they accidentally fell in and were killed as a result.

    Before I go further I want to clarify that I actually do not think that we should be putting these mamoth animals in a pool that is what maybe 100x their size (doubtful). But if we are going to try to domestic these animals enough to put on for a show they should be held up to the same standards as other animals. Look, a dog that bites strangers can and will be put down by order of the courts. A DOG! While dogs are far more domesticated this is still a dog we are talking about. It naturally bites. If we have a whale that is: (1) killing people; (2) completely useless for show; and (3) completely useless out in the wild then maybe we need to rethink this whole keeping it alive thing.

    And Fodor, I am not suggesting going out and hunting down all killer whales. Just this specific one. If 1 Tiger kept eating people you can sure as hell bet that we'd hunt that Tiger down and kill it. So, why should it be any different for a whale. This whale is only getting the chance to kill people b/c we keep allowing it to live after it has killed people. No one is suggesting that it is thinking on any kind of level we think (such as killing is wrong). However, the sad truth is that since we've allowed these practices of caging up f'n whales and this particular whale offers no utility AND it has killed multiple people than perhaps it should be put down. It's very brash to say and seems heartless but really, how do you explain that to the next person's family if someone falls in? The question has to be what is the lesser of two evils: letting the whale live and giving it a chance to kill yet another person who slips in OR kill this one whale? I think the answer is pretty clear.

    And Steve, I know (or at least think) you were kidding about the reader and everything, but c'mon! The guy wasn't interested in sports he was interested in Animal Rights. He obviously felt way to passionate about this whale living in the open waters. Probably found this article on Google immediately after it happened and read it. Or if he was a reader, I doubt this, of all things, offended him enough to question all of you as capable writers. He would just have a problem with my posts, which would be perfectly fine in my book!

  8. The whale was not obeying commands all morning and was agitated, so however the diver ended up in the water not really surprising. The other person it "killed" jumped in the water at night when nobody was around.

  9. At the animal shelter, where i do the adoption counselor thing once a week, we have run into a similar problem several times - bigger adult dogs, perfectly sweet and adoptable, have gotten all riled up and nipped at somebody's toddler twice since i've been there.

    They're kept in kennels that aren't really big enough for them (though it's not bad conditions, unless the dog is 100lbs plus), and because they're adults, nobody wants to take them home.

    Then parents lack the common sense to keep their small children from taunting a dog that is 3x their size.

    result: scared kid, dead dog.

    I know it's the *right* thing to do from a safety standpoint, but that hasn't made me any happier about it.

    putting this whale down would basically be the same thing.

    In that context, I'd almost rather cut it loose and tell the Japanese that they can eat it if they can catch it... with fins on... and harpoons... in the water. Good luck, boys.

    (and for the record Ryan, any publicity is good publicity - i'm a reader whore, i'll take em any way i can get em.) =)

  10. I felt like relating this article to sports somehow and this is what I came up with...


  12. Btw, this thread has broken the most comment record by 2 now!

  13. I'm glad others appreciate brass bonanza as much as I do. For awhile I thought it was gonna go unnoticed.